Highways The Location Design Construction and Maintenance free pdf download

Highways The Location Design Construction and Maintenance.
Highways The Location Design Construction and Maintenance
  1. Road location 
  2. Subsurface investigations
  3. Plans, specifications, and contracts
  4. Soils for roadworks
  5. Materials used in road pavements
  6. Soil-stabilized pavements
  7. Surface drainage for roads
  8. Subsurface moisture control for road pavements
  9. Introduction to pavement design
  10. Earthworks and unbound bases for pavements
  11. Premixed bituminous-bound courses: standard materials
  12. Design and construction of hot-mix bituminous surfacings and roadbases
  13.  Concrete pavement construction
  14. Current British thickness design practice in relation to new bituminous and concrete pavements
  15. Analytical design of flexible pavements
  16. Analysis of stresses in rigid concrete slabs and an introduction to concrete block paving
  17. Basic road maintenance operations
  18. Wet skid resistance
  19. Design and use of surface treatments
  20. Structural maintenance of road pavements
Everybody travels, whether it be to work, play, shop, do business, or simply visit people. All foodstuffs and raw materials must be carried from their place of origin to that of their consumption or adaptation, and manufactured goods must be transported to the marketplace and the consumer. Historically, people have travelled and goods have been moved: (1) by road, i.e. by walking and riding, using humans and various beasts to carry goods or to pull sleds, carts, carriages and wagons, and (since the late 19th century) using cycles and motor vehicles such as cars, buses and lorries; (2) by water, i.e. using (since early times) ships and boats on seas, rivers and canals; (3) by rail, i.e. initially using animals (in the early 19th century) and then steam-, oil- or electric-powered locomotives to pull passenger carriages and goods wagons; and (4) by air, i.e. using airships and aeroplanes (in the 20th century).
Highways is a comprehensive textbook on all aspects of road engineering. This new edition, written by a team of acknowledged experts in the field, teams up with Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering to become a worthy successor to Coleman O’Flaherty’s classic ‘Highway Engineering’ set. This fourth edition covers road location and plans, roadwork materials, surface and subsurface moisture control, pavement design and construction, thickness design of bituminous and concrete pavements and road maintenance and rehabilitation. The content has been expanded and thoroughly updated to take into account new developments in the subject, making it essential reading for students of civil engineering.
Download Highways the Location, Design, Construction and Maintenance of Road Pavements 4th Edition by Professor Emeritus C.A. O’Flaherty, A.M. _ PDF Free Download.
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