High Tunnel Hoop House Construction Guide by Steve Upson pdf download

High Tunnel Hoop House Construction Guide by Steve Upson. 
▪️ Introduction
▪️ Benefits
▪️ Crops
▪️ Models
▪️ Building material options
▪️ End wall and door options
▪️ Site selection and house orientation considerations
▪️ Site preparation
▪️ Hoop house perimeter layout
▪️ Ground post installation
▪️ End wall construction 
▪️ Hoop, purlin, baseboard and hip-board installation
▪️ Brace for strength
▪️ Poly-film cover attachment
▪️ Roll-up side curtain (vent) construction 
▪️ Windbreak curtain installation
▪️ Considerations for growing in hot weather 
Recommended tools and supplies for hoop house construction.
High Tunnel Hoop House Construction Guide by Steve Upson
Forward: This publication is the product of 17 years of experience in hoop house (high tunnel) design, construction and utilization. As an educator and consultant, I have been asked numerous times by work associates and growers to produce a ‘how to’ resource on hoop house construction. Currently, there are many excellent Extension- and growerauthored publications on hoop house crop culture, but few publications on construction. It is not the intent of this publication to offer a complete set of construction plans for any particular type or size of hoop house but rather to introduce the novice grower/ hoop house builder to the various tools and
techniques used in constructing a wide range of hoop house models. The various guidelines contained herein are applicable to both prefabricated commercial structures as well as homemade structures. Admittedly, my experience with hoop house structures has a southern flavor; consequently, the guidelines may or may not have application in other regions of the country. It is my belief that a careful study of this publication prior to purchasing a hoop house kit or materials to custombuild a structure will save the builder time and money as well as reduce the level of frustration encountered during the construction process.
“Steve Upson “.
Introduction: Market gardeners are faced with a myriad of production and marketing constraints. Some of these include escalating costs, government regulations, labor quality and quantity issues, competition, and inclement weather. While hoop house technology cannot solve all of these problems, utilization of this technology can reduce production risks associated with inclement weather.
Growing in a hoop house is a little more complicated than field production and requires additional management skill, but don’t let this keep you from realizing the benefits of this growing system. If you think of hoop house culture as nothing more than gardening under cover, it’s much less intimidating.
Hoop houses, also referred to as high tunnels or cold frames, are generally quonsetshaped and constructed of metal or plastic hoops (bows) covered with a single layer of 6-mil, greenhouse-grade, polyethylene film. Whereas a greenhouse is an environmentally controlled structure, a hoop house has no permanent heating system or electrical connections. Venting is accomplished by retracting the curtains on the sides of the house. Most houses range in width from 14 to 30 feet. On some sites, houses wider than 20 feet could experience overheating on warm, sunny days due to reduced cross ventilation. Houses can extend over 100 feet in length; however, the majority of commercial houses are 96 feet in length. Compared with greenhouses, hoop houses are relatively inexpensive, ranging in price from $1 to $4 per square foot. Most hoop houses are permanent, but a few are designed to be movable. Some houses are designed with removable hoops and permanent bases. These hybrid structures offer some of the benefits of both permanent and movable houses. Permanent structures are generally stronger, but movable houses allow for more efficient use of the structure.
Steve Upson”.
High Tunnel Hoop House Construction Guide pdf.
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