High-Power Audio Amplifier Construction Manual: 50 to 500 Watts for the Audio Perfectionist by G. Randy Slone pdf download

High-Power Audio Amplifier Construction Manual: 50 to 500 Watts for the Audio Perfectionist by G. Randy Slone.
High-Power Audio Amplifier Construction Manual: 50 to 500 Watts for the Audio Perfectionist by G. Randy Slone

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Chapter 1: Fundamentals of High-Power Audio Amplifiers
Chapter 2: Misinformation in Audio
Chapter 3: Basics of Audio Power Amplifiers
Chapter 4: Input Stage Configurations and Analyses
Chapter 5: Voltage Amplifier Stage: Configurations and Analysis
Chapter 6: Output Stages: Configurations, Classes, and Device Types
Chapter 7: Stability, Distortion, and Performance
Chapter 8: Amplifier and Loudspeaker Protection Methods
Chapter 9: Audio Amplifier Power Supplies and Construction
Chapter 10: Building the Optimum Audio Power Amplifier
Chapter 11: Audio Amplifier Cookbook Designs and Discussions
Chapter 12: Construction Techniques and Considerations 
Chapter 13: Power Amplifier Diagnostic Equipment and Testing Procedures
Appendix A Audio Power Amplifier Terminology
Appendix B Electronic Units and Abbreviations
Appendix C PC Board Artwork
Appendix D Sources of Information and Materials
Oreface: This book is designed for audiophiles and electronics hobbyists who want to build their own high-quality audio power amplifiers. The amplifier designs contained here are not just mediocre power amplifiers; they are audiophile-quality designs, with the majority capable of significantly superior performance in comparison to commercially available amplifiers. My philosophy is simple: If you’re going to invest the time and expense to build audio power amplifiers, why not build a project of exemplary performance?
I believe this book is unique in its approach. Most books devoted to audio amplifier construction have traditionally focused on one type or design topology. In contrast, I have attempted to present an honest and factual analysis of all the major power amplifier architectures, naturally progressing to the optimum design in each case. In addition, a variety of modifications are stressed for application compatibility, such as professional audio, musical instrument amplifiers, domestic hi-fi, and budget applications.
I have assumed that the reader is experienced in the fundamentals of electronics and electronic construction; however, I assume the reader to be a complete novice in the specifics of audio power amplifiers. Consequently, the principles and theory of operation begin at the most fundamental level and progress to the current state of the art. I have never assumed that the reader understands the function and purpose of any component within an amplifier design, so the specific details of every component in every amplifier schematic are fully explained. The conscientious reader will not end up with myriad confusing loopholes relating to any amplifier design in this textbook.
Design engineers and serious audiophiles will benefit from several areas of new research contained here. A portion of this amplifier design information has seldom been documented, with some of it. 
appearing to be totally obscure and unpublished. These subject areas include push-pull VA stage design and certain anomalies involving the physics of crossover distortion.
This book is for hobbyists and audiophiles who have been discouraged by the apparent schism between audio professionals and extravagant esoterics. It is designed to help anyone experience the ultimate in sonic quality at a reasonable expense. The concepts and principles presented are not subjective, mythical, or traditional; they are scientific and extensively supported with provable analyses. Many readers will be pleasantly surprised at the low cost involved with even the best audio power amplifiers.
Above all, I have directed this book toward people who want to experience the fun, satisfaction, and fulfillment of superb and practical electronic projects (not to mention the significant cost savings). I have personally constructed and tested the amplifier projects in this textbook, using the exact PC board artwork contained in Appendix C, so the careful and conscientious builder can be virtually assured of excellent results. Everything in this book is as accurate as theory, experimentation, simulation, testing, analysis, and late-night worrying can make it-I sincerely hope that many will enjoy it and benefit from it.
 G. Randy Slone”.
G. Randy Slone is an electronics engineer, a consultant, and author of four books, including The TAB Guide to Understanding Electricity and Electronics. His consulting clients have included DuPont, Champion Intemational, and Ralston Purina. A former college instructor, Slone also operates Seal Electronics, a mail order business. He spends much of his time working in his state-of-the-art home electronics laboratory.
High-Power Audio Amplifier Construction Manual by G. Randy Slone pdf.
Book Details:
⏩Edition: 1st
⏩Author: G. Randy Slone
⏩Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education TAB; (May 22, 1999)
⏩Puplication Date: May 22, 1999
⏩Language: English
⏩Pages: 497
⏩Size: 12.2 MB
⏩Format: PDF
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