Handbook of Dimensional Measurement Fifth Edition by Francis T. Farago and Mark A. Curtis pdf download

Handbook of Dimensional Measurement Fifth Edition by Francis T. Farago and Mark A. Curtis pdf.

Handbook of Dimensional Measurement Fifth Edition.
Handbook of Dimensional Measurement Fifth Edition.
Preface for Handbook of Dimensional Measurement  Fifth Edition.
Over the years Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, as documented in the international standard ASME Y14.5 -2009, has continued to grow in popularity and use. As such, many individuals have inquired about the possibility of addressing this subject from a production gaging standpoint in this updated edition of the Handbook of Dimensional Measurement. Therefore, Chapter 20 on “The Measurement of Geometric Dimensions and Tolerances” has been added. Chapters ten, eleven, and twelve deal extensively with the measurement of common geometric characteristics. These chapters have been tied into chapter twenty as has much of the rest of the handbook through Table 20-2 entitled: Methods of Inspection for Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing. Of course, product designers have long since understood the benefits of GD&T in accurately documenting their design intent while providing for the maximum allowable functional variation in a manufactured piece-part. Once the process plan has been determined Manufacturing Engineers, Tool Designers, and Inspectors must figure out how each dimension and tolerance will be gaged and verified. Chapter 20 was added to assist engineers, designers, and inspectors in the gage selection process. As one might imagine there are several ways to check parts geometric dimensions and tolerances. The extent to which special gages can be designed and built is mostly dependent on the annual production volume and length of the contract. When a special gage cannot be justified economically, one or more of the universal measuring devices and machines must be considered. 
In preparation for the updating of this handbook, an extensive survey of metrology (gage manufacturing) companies and industry-wide innovations was made. Most of the improvements were on the software side of the house with better user interfaces, three-dimensional graphics, and easier programming. On the hardware side better ergonomics, and where appropriate increased speed and accuracy were touted. Yet, the fundamentals described and the images displayed herein have remained largely unchanged and will continue to provide the user with an exhaustive treatment of the field and its many facets. In describing many of the inspection devices and methods, one or more national or international standard has been referenced; those standards have been brought up to date throughout the handbook and are later listed in Appendix B.

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