Geometric and Engineering Drawing Second Edition by K. Morling pdf download

Geometric and Engineering Drawing Second Edition by K. Morling.
Part 1: Geometric Drawing
1 – Scales
2 – The Construction of Geometric Figures from Given Data
3 – Isometric Projection
4 – The Construction of Circles to Satisfy Given Conditions            
5 – Tangency
6 – Oblique Projection
7 – Enlarging and Reducing Plane Figures and Equivalent Areas
8 – The Blending of Lines and Curves
9 – Loci
10 – Orthographic Projection (First Angle and Third Angle)
11 – Conic Sections – the Ellipse, the Parabola, the Hyperbola
12 – Intersection of Regular Solids
13 – Further Orthographic Projection
14 – Developments
15 – Further Problems in Loci
16 – Freehand Sketching
17 – Some More Problems Solved by Drawing
Part 2: Engineering Drawing
18 – Engineering Drawing
19 – Postscript – Planning a Design
Appendix A – Sizes of Isometric Precision Hexagon Nuts, Bolts and Washers
Appendix B – Sizes of Slotted and Castle Nuts with Metric Thread
Geometric and Engineering Drawing Second Edition by K. Morling
This book aims to cover the whole range of subject matter relevant to introductory courses in technical drawing, with diagrams free of irrelevant information and a large number of examples of an appropriate standard, many of them taken from past examination papers.
Topics are introduced in a logical order so that, with very few exceptions, all the necessary background knowledge will already have been presented before any particular problem or technique is discussed. Both first-angle and third-angle projection are used, although third-angle predominates, reflecting its increasing acceptance in industry and education.
In this second edition, the text and drawings have been amended to take account of BS 308:1972, ‘Engineering drawing practice, including this standard’s recommendations on the portrayal of section planes. Si units are used throughout.
This edition of this successful text describes all the geometric instructions and engineering drawing information, likely to be needed by anyone preparing or interpreting drawings or designs. There are also plenty of exercises to practise these principles.
Geometric and Engineering Drawing 2nd Edition by K. Morling.
Book Details:
⏩Edition: 2nd edition
⏩Author: K. Morling
⏩Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann; 2 edition (December 15, 1974)
⏩Puplication Date: December 15, 1974
⏩Language: English
⏩Pages: 216
⏩Size: 8.07 MB
⏩Format: PDF
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