Gas Turbines: Technology, Efficiency and Performance PDF

Gas Turbines technology, Efficiency and Performance PDF

PDF Free Download | Gas Turbines: Technology, Efficiency and Performance by Donna J. Ciafone

Table of content:

Chapter 1 Comprehensive Techno-Economic Evaluation of Gas Turbine Repowering Systems for Utilizing Waste Heat from a Small-Scale Refuse Incineration Plant 1
Chapter 2 In-Service Degradation of Gas Turbine Nozzles and Moving Blades
Chapter 3 Design and Development of Smart Coatings for Titanium Alloys Used in Gas Turbines
Chapter 4 Thermodynamic Optimization of an Intercooled Reheat Regenerative Gas Turbine Power Plant power cycle
Chapter 5 Multi-Criteria Optimization of a Regenerative Gas Turbine
Chapter 6 Optimization of an Industrial Retrofitted Heat Exchanger Network Using Stage-Wise Model
Chapter 7 Fluid/Solid Coupled Heat Transfer Problems in Gas Turbine Applications
Chapter 8 Gas Turbines and Electric Distribution System

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This book presents current research in the study of gas turbines from across the globe. Topics discussed include techno-economic evaluations of gas turbine repowering systems; in-service degradation of gas turbine nozzles and moving blades; the corrosion characteristics of titanium-based alloys and their degradation mechanisms optimization of a regenerative gas turbine power plant and a discussion of the fluid/solid coupled heat transfer problems in gas turbine applications.

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