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Fundamentals of Electric Circuits

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You may be wondering why we chose a photo of NASA’s Mars Rover for the cover. We actually chose it for several reasons. Obviously, it is very exciting; in fact, space represents the most exciting frontier for the entire world! In addition, much of the Rover itself consists of all kinds of circuits. Circuits that must work without needing maintenance! Once you are on Mars, it is hard to find a technician! The Rover must have a power system that can supply all the power necessary to move it, help it collect samples and analyze them, broadcast the results back to Earth, and receive instructions from Earth.

One of the important issues that make the problem of working with the rover is that it takes about 20 minutes for communications to go from the Earth to Mars. So the Rover does not make changes required by NASA quickly.

New to This Edition:

A model for magnetic coupling is presented in Chapter 13 that will make analysis easier as well as enhance your ability to find errors. We have successfully used this model for years and felt it was now time to add it to the book. In addition, there are over 600 new end-of-chapter problems, changed end-of-chapter problems, and changed practice problems. We have also added National Instruments Multisystem solutions for almost all of the problems solved using PSpice®. There is a Multisim tutorial available on our website. We have added National Instruments Multisim since it is very user-friendly with many more options for analysis than PSpice.

In addition, it allows the ability to modify circuits easily in order to see how changing circuit parameters impacts voltages, currents, and power. We have also moved the tutorials for PSpice, MATLAB®, and KCIDE to our website to allow us to keep up with changes in the software. We have also added 43 new problems to Chapter 16. We did this to enhance using the powerful s-domain analysis techniques to be finding voltages and currents in circuits.

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