Fundamental Electrical and Electronic Principles, Third Edition by C R Robertson pdf download

Fundamental Electrical and Electronic Principles, Third Edition by C R Robertson.
Fundamental Electrical and Electronic Principles, Third Edition by C R Robertson

The book in PDF Format with title Fundamental Electrical and Electronic Principles,  3rd Edition by C R Robertson is available to download for free and Download Link is at the end of the article 

1 Fundamentals
2 D.C. Circuits
3 Electric Fields and Capacitors 
4 Magnetic Fields and Circuits
5 Electromagnetism
6 Alternating Quantities
7 D.C. Machines 
8 D.C. Transients
9 Semiconductor Theory and Devices
  Appendix A: SI Units and Quantities
 Answers to Assignment Questions 
 Index ..
Preface: This Textbook supersedes the second edition of Fundamental Electrical and Electronic Principles. In response to comments from colleges requesting that the contents more closely match the objectives of the BTEC unit Electrical and Electronic Principles, some chapters have been removed and some exchanged with the companion book Further Electrical and Electronic Principles, ISBN 9780750687478. Also, in order to encourage students to use other reference sources, those chapters that have been totally removed may be accessed on the website address http://books.elsevier. com/companions/9780750687379. The previous edition included Supplementary Worked Examples at the end of each chapter. The majority of these have now been included within each chapter as Worked Examples, and those that have been removed may be accessed on the above website. 
This book continues with the philosophy of the previous editions in that it may be used as a complete set of course notes for students undertaking the study of Electrical and Electronic Principles in the fi rst year of a BTEC National Diploma/Certifi cate course. It also provides coverage for some other courses, including foundation/ bridging courses which require the study of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 
Fundamental Electrical and Electronic Principles contains 349 illustrations, 112 worked examples, 26 suggested practical assignments and 234 assignment questions. The answers to the latter are to be found towards the end of the book. 
The order of the chapters does not necessarily follow the order set out in any syllabus, but rather follows a logical step-by-step sequence through the subject matter. Some topic areas may extend beyond current syllabus requirements, but do so both for the sake of completeness and to encourage those students wishing to extend their knowledge. 
Coverage of the second year BTEC National Diploma/Certifi cate unit, Further Electrical Principles, is found in the third edition of the companion book Further Electrical and Electronic Principles.
 C. Robertson
March 2008 
Introduction: The chapters follow a sequence that I consider to be a logical progression through the subject matter, and in the main, follow the order of objectives stated in the BTEC unit of Electrical and Electronic Principles. The major exception to this is that the topics of instrumentation and measurements do not appear in a specifi c chapter of that title. Instead, the various instruments and measurement methods are integrated within those chapters where the relevant theory is covered. 
Occasionally a word or phrase will appear in bold blue type, and close by will be a box with a blue background. These emphasised words or phrases may be ones that are not familiar to students, and within the box will be an explanation of the words used in the text. 
Throughout the book, Worked Examples appear as Q questions in bold type, followed by A answers. In all chapters, Assignment Questions are provided for students to solve. 
The fi rst chapter deals with the basic concepts of electricity; the use of standard form and its adaptation to scientifi c notation; SI and derived units; and the plotting of graphs. This chapter is intended to provide a means of ensuring that all students on a given course start with the same background knowledge. Also included in this chapter are notes regarding communication. In particular, emphasis is placed on logical and thorough presentation of information, etc. in the solution of Assignment Questions and Practical Assignment reports.
C. Robertson
Fundamental Electrical and Electronic Principles, 3rd Edition by C R Robertson pdf.
Book Details:
⏩Edition: 3rd
⏩Author: C R Robertson
⏩Publisher: Newnes; 3 edition (August 5, 2008)
⏩Puplication Date: August 5, 2008
⏩Language: English
⏩Pages: 304
⏩Size: 3.48 MB
⏩Format: PDF
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