FP Diesel Case Engine Replacement Parts Catalog pdf download

FP Diesel Case Engine Replacement Parts Catalog pdf.

FP Diesel Case Engine Replacement Parts Catalog

FP Diesel CA0095 Case Engine Replacement Parts Catalog.

Table of contents:
Using the Catalog
How To Use This Catalog  
FP Diesel Philosophy / Manufacturing / Customer Service  
FP Diesel Products
 Engine Bearings – Material Selection /  Bimetal Aluminum Alloys / Tri-Metal Alloys 
 Engine Kits / How to Specify FP Diesel Engine Kits  
 Heavy Duty Pistons  
 Piston Rings  
Product Information
 Engine Finding Index  
 Engine Code Index  
 Model Index  
Cummins to Case Interchange 
Engine Kit Bill of Materials 
Numerical List 
Ring Set Instructions 
Specialty Gasket Sets 
Valve Stem Seal Identification

The new CA0095 Case Engine Parts Catalog contains all of the components currently offered from the FP Diesel brand for Case engines including applications using Cummins engines.

To get the right part you must have all information from the engine data plate affixed to the side of the engine block. You will need the engine model number and the engine serial number. On certain model Case engines you will also need the style of piston, piston pin diameter, thrust washer thickness and/or whether it is direct injected or indirect injected. On Cummins engines you will need the piston number, and/or the CPL number, and/or the cylinder block, cylinder head, and connecting rod casting numbers.

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Download FP Diesel Case Engine Replacement Parts Catalog in free pdf format.

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