EXCEL VBA programing PDF

EXCEL VBA programing PDF

Preface of EXCEL VBA programing 2nd Edition book

The goal of this book is to help you learn VBA programming with Excel. No prior programming experience is required or expected. Although you do not have to be an Excel user, you must have a good understanding of the basic tools involved in using any spreadsheet application. This includes a basic understanding of ranges and cell references, formulas, built-in functions, and charts. I ask my students at the start of every semester if they know how to use Excel. At least 90 percent of them say they are very comfortable with the application. Within two weeks of the start of the semester it is clear that no more than 10 percent of the class can write a proper formula—one that takes advantage of absolute and relative references, and built-in functions. Furthermore, fewer than 5 percent know anything about chart types and the kind of analyses they should be used in. If you’re not comfortable with spreadsheet applications or it’s been a while since you have used a spreadsheet, then I recommend you consider purchasing another introductory book on how to use the Excel application prior to learning how to program in VBA for Excel. In addition to spreadsheets, I also expect you to have a basic understanding of the Windows operating system.

What’s in This Book and What Is Required?

I developed the programs in this book using Excel 2003 for Windows. Although Excel and VBA don’t change much from one version to the next, I can’t guarantee that the programs in this book will execute without error in earlier versions of Excel. With each new version of Excel, VBA is updated with new objects, and existing objects are expanded with new properties and methods. If I use even one new object, property, or method specific to VBA-Excel 2003 in a program, then it will generate an error if executed in a previous version of Excel; therefore, you need Excel 2003—with VBA installed and activated—to use this book.

The chapter projects in this book feature the development of games using VBA with Excel. This is somewhat unusual in the sense that prior to writing this book, I had never seen an Excel application that runs any kind of a game; however, it does serve to make programming more fun. After all, what’s the first thing anybody does when a new computer is purchased?

The answer: find the games that are installed and start playing. With this book, you get to write the program and then play the game. It actually works quite well. The games developed in this book illustrate the use of basic programming techniques and structures found in all programming languages as well as all of the common (and some less common) components in Excel.

Download EXCEL VBA programing Second Edition By DUANE BIRNBAUM in free pdf format.

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