Excel Data Analysis: Modeling and Simulation by Hector Guerrero pdf download

Excel Data Analysis: Modeling and Simulation by Hector Guerrero pdf.

Excel Data Analysis: Modeling and Simulation by Hector Guerrero
Excel Data Analysis: Modeling and Simulation by Hector Guerrero.
This book is targeted at the student or practitioner that is looking for a single introductory Excel-based resource that covers three essential business skills—Data Analysis, Business Modeling, and Simulation. I have successfully used this material with undergraduates, MBAs, Executive MBAs and in Executive Education programs. For my students, the book has been the main teaching resource for both semester and half-semester long courses. The examples used in the books are sufficiently flexible to guide teaching goals in many directions. For executives, the book has served as a compliment to classroom lectures, as well as an excellent post-program, self-study resource. Finally, I believe that it will serve practitioners, like that former student I met in Cincinnati, that have the desire and motivation to refurbish their understanding of data analysis, modeling, and simulation concepts through self-study.
The author have used a number of examples in this book that he have developed over many years of teaching and consulting. Some are brief and to the point; others are more complex and require considerable effort to digest. I urge you to not become frustrated with the more complex examples. There is much to be learned from these examples, not only the analytical techniques, but also approaches to solving complex problems. These examples, as is always the case in real-world, messy problems, require making reasonable assumptions and some concession to simplification if a solution is to be obtained. My hope is that the approach will be as valuable to the reader as the analytical techniques. I have also taken great pains to provide an abundance of Excel screen shots that should give the reader a solid understanding of the chapter examples. 
But, let me vigorously warn you of one thing—this is not an Excel how-to book. Excel how-to books concentrate on the Excel tools and not on analysis—it is assumed that you will fill in the analysis blanks. There are many excellent Excel how-to books on the market and a number of excellent websites (e.g. MrExcel.com) where you can find help with the details of specific Excel issues. I have attempted to write a book that is about analysis, analysis that can be easily and thoroughly handled with Excel. Keep this in mind as you proceed. So in summary, remember that the analysis is the primary focus and that Excel simply serves as an excellent vehicle by which to achieve the analysis.

You can also download the second edition of this book, just click the image below of the book to download it 👇👇


Download Excel Data Analysis: Modeling and Simulation by Hector Guerrero in free pdf format.

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