Elements of Propulsion: Gas Turbines and Rockets 2nd Edition pdf

Elements of Propulsion: Gas Turbines and Rockets 2nd Edition.

Preface: this undergraduate text provides an introduction to the fundamentals of gas turbine engines and jet propulsion. These basic elements determine the behavior, design, and operation of the jet engines and chemical rocket motors used for propulsion. The text contains sufficient material for two sequential courses in propulsion: an introductory course in jet propulsion and a gas turbine engine components course. It is based on one- and two-course sequences taught at four universities over the past 25 years. The author has also used this text for a course on turbomachinery.

The outstanding historical foreword by Hans yon Ohain (the German inventor of the jet engine) gives a unique perspective on the first 50 years of jet propulsion. His account of past development work is highlighted by his early experiences. He concludes with predictions of future developments.

The text gives examples of existing designs and typical values of design parameters. Many example problems are included in this text to help the student see the application of a concept after it is introduced. Problems are included at the end of each chapter that emphasize those particular principles. Two extensive design problems for the preliminary selection and design of a gas turbine engine cycle are included. Several turbomachinery design problems are also included.

The text material is divided into five parts:

1) Introduction to aircraft and rocket propulsion (Chapter 1),

2) Review of fundamentals (Chapter 2),

3) Rocket propulsion (Chapter 3),

4) Analysis and performance of airbreathing propulsion systems (Chapters 4-8),

5) Analysis and design of gas turbine engine components (Chapters 9 and 10).

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