Electronics Projects Vol. 24 PDF Download

Electronics Projects Vol. 24

This volume of Electronics Projects is the twenty forth in the series published by EFY Enterprises Pvt Ltd. It is a compilation of 22 construction projects and 69 circuit ideas published in ‘Electronics For You’ magazine during 2003. We are also including a CD with this volume, which not only contains the datasheets of major components used in construction projects but also the software source code and related files pertaining to various projects. This will enable the reader to copy these files directly on to his PC and compile/run the program as necessary, without having to prepare them again using the keyboard. In addition, the CD carries useful software, tutorials and other goodies (refer ‘contents’ in CD).

In keeping with the past trend, all modifications, corrections and additions sent by the readers and authors have been incorporated in the articles. Queries from readers along with the replies from authors/EFY have also been published towards the end of relevant articles. It is a sincere endeavour on our part to make each project as error-free and comprehensive as possible. However, EFY cannot resume any responsibility if readers are unable to make a circuit successfully, for whatever reason.

This collection of tested circuit ideas and construction projects in a handy volume, would provide all classes of electronics enthusiasts—be they students, teachers, hobbyists or professionals—with a valuable resource of electronic circuits, which can be fabricated using readily available and reasonably-priced components. These circuits could either be used independently or in combination with other circuits, described in this and other volumes. We are confident that this volume, like its predecessors, will generate tremendous interest amongst the readers.

Download Electronics Projects Vol. 24 by EFY Enterprises Pvt. Ltd in free pdf format.

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