Electronics Principles and Applications Ninth Edition By Charles A. Schuler Book pdf download

Electronics Principles and Applications Ninth Edition By Charles A. Schuler Book.
The book is divided into three sections: the first section describes the functioning of all types of antennas used in mobile phone networks and provides examples of each; the second part delves into the engineering of antenna sites, which is crucial to the quality of mobile networks; the third part of the book includes refresher information on the mathematics and physics necessary to understand the content of the book and put it to practical use in actual applications. The book is packed with clear explanations and recommendations for avoiding problems and making the best antenna and site decisions.

Electronics Principles and Applications Ninth Edition By Charles A. Schuler Book pdf download

New to this Edition:
This edition updates devices and equipment. For example, more
emphasis is placed on digital meter readings and less on analog
displays. It also portrays up-to-date test equipment. Lastly, devices that are no longer available have been eliminated.

Perhaps the most significant change is the emphasis on thermal issues and power devices. As technicians ply their craft, they will likely deal with devices such as power transistors. This is because power devices have a higher failure rate and the replacement of power devices is often more cost-effective than the replacement of other parts. One entirely new section is devoted to power transistors and another to troubleshooting thermal issues.

More information about topics such as total harmonic distortion has been included. Along with that, spectral analysis to measure total harmonic distortion is presented. Measurements that once required very expensive test equipment can now be made using affordable personal computers and software. That is also true with certain radio-frequency measurements thatcan be made with a PC. This edition covers wireless network troubleshooting and presents more information about digital modulation methods.

Last but not least, there is now more troubleshooting information. In addition to using software and PCs, methods of using basic calculations to predict circuit performance are discussed. For example, a regulated power supply circuit is analyzed to determine normal voltage readings.

 This is becoming more important as fewer voltage readings and fewer waveforms are supplied with schematics. Technicians are forced to become more self-reliant and better educated about the circuit principles and theory that are covered here. The practicality
of this book has always been very strong and has continued to
evolve over time.

Table Of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Semiconductors
Chapter 3: Diodes 
Chapter 4: Power Supplies
Chapter 5: Transistors
Chapter 6: Introduction to Small-Signal Amplifiers 
Chapter 7: More about Small-Signal Amplifiers 
Chapter 8: Large-Signal Amplifiers 
Chapter 9: Operational Amplifiers
Chapter 10: Troubleshooting
Chapter 11: Oscillators 
Chapter 12: Communications
Chapter 13: Integrated Circuits 
Chapter 14: Electronic Control Devices
Chapter 15: Regulated Power Supplies 
Chapter 16: Digital Signal Processing

Electronics: Principles and Applications 9th Edition.

Book Details:
⏩Author: Charles A. Schuler
Edition: 9st
Puplisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Puplication Date: January 5, 2018
Language: English
Size: 35.3 mb 
Pages: 625
Format: PDF

Download Electronics Principles and Applications Ninth Edition By Charles A. Schuler Book free pdf format.

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