Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation (For student of B.E. / B.Tech.) PDF

Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation (For student of B.E. / B.Tech.) by Dr. R.S. SEDHA

The primary focus of the subject “Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation” is to develop understanding of various instruments used for measuring, monitoring and recording physical phenomena. The scope of this subject is vast and appears to be growing due to increased use of sensors and automatic control in manufacturing and process control applications. However, the measurement of temperature, pressure, level and flow is common among most of the engineering industries including petrochemical, power plants, Integrated circuit manufacturing and aircraft engines industry. The “Electronic Instrumentation and Measurements” curriculum in most of the Indian Universities and abroad include topics ranging from Units, Measurements and Standards, Measurement Errors, Transducers for Electrical and Non-electrical quantities, Measurements using Electrical and Electronic Instruments, Measurement of Resistance, Inductance and Capacitance, Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators and Analysers, Instrument Calibration, Graphic Recording Instruments, Display Devices, Signal conditioning, Data Acquisition Systems, Telemetry, Biomedical Instruments and Virtual Instruments.

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In this book, I have included all the basic material required at the undergraduate level for the engineering students. To help students for preparing and doing well in the examination, I have included “Examination questions” from several Indian Universities until Dec 2012, as solved examples. The sections on “Descriptive Questions” and “Multiple Choice Questions” are also there to include the theory type examination questions and objective questions respectively. I wish to express my sincere thanks to my friends and colleagues in various technical universities and engineering colleges for their valuable feedback in preparing this book. Any errors, omissions and suggestions for the improvement of this book brought to my notice will be thankfully acknowledged and incorporated in the next edition.

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