Electronic Devices and Circuits

Electronic Devices and Circuits by Dr. K. Lal Kishore.

Electronic Devices & Circuits
Author: Lal K Kishore
ISBN: 8178001012
Binding: Paperback
Publishing Date: 2006
Publisher: Bs Publications
Edition: 02

The present publication is one of the most popular and interesting volumes on electronic circuits and deices available today. The effectiveness of the book has already been well recognized and appreciated all around the world not only by the students of engineering but also by the practicing electrical engineers and specialists in electronics who have found it an excellent resource for refreshing their professional technical knowledge.

Written by the world known expert, Professor of Electronic and Communication Engineering Dr. K. Lal Kishore, the publication covers virtually all areas of electronic devices and circuits. The material of the volume is divided into eight separate chapters with the first chapter covering electron dynamics and cathode ray oscilloscope, or CRO for short, together with its practical application. It also derives the math equations that describe the motion.

The second chapter is dealing with the characteristics of the junction diode including conduction and conductivity, donor and acceptor type semiconductors, ionization energy etc. The other chapters of the publication cover such important topics as filters, regulators and rectifiers, transistor characteristics, stabilization and biasing, oscillators and amplifiers. Numerous appendices provide additional info on color codes used for various electronic components, inductors and capacitors, circuit symbols, etc.

This textbook will also be very useful for preparing competitive examinations like GATE, Engineering services exams and such other examinations. This book is also useful for AMIETE, AMIE (Electronics), M.Sc (Electronics), Polytechnic and Diploma programs in Electronics and B.Sc (Electronics) Courses.

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