Electrical Wiring Industrial 15th Edition by Stephen L. Herman pdf

Electrical Wiring Industrial by Stephen L. Herman

FEATURES: An introduction to plans and sitework is the topic of the first chapter in the book, providing explanations of identifying symbols and interpreting the plans in order to help orient the student to the industrial job site. Examples are integrated into the text and take the student step by step through problems, to illustrate how to derive solutions using newly introduced mathematical formulas and calculations. Industrial building drawings are included in the back of the book, offering students the opportunity to apply the concepts that they have learned in each chapter as they step through the wiring process. Review questions at the end of each chapter allow students to test what they have learned and to target any sections that require further review.


• Updated to the 2014 National Electrical Code

• New information concerning grounding and bonding

• Extended coverage of service-entrance connections

• New information concerning the maintenance of transformers

• New information on timing relays

• Additional coverage of multispeed squirrelcage motors

• Added information concerning motor nameplate data

• Additional coverage of power factor

• New information concerning 3-phase power and connections

The book highlights the 2014 National Electrical Code throughout the readings to demonstrate code updates, as well as how to apply requirements to sitework, feeder bus systems, panelboards, fiber optics, harmonics, and more . In addition to a full sample set of industrial building plans, ELECTRICAL WIRING INDUSTRIAL, 15E illustrates concepts with stimulating drawings, photographs, and other graphics to support learning and develop the reasoning skills that can elevate you to the next level of your career.

Download Electrical Wiring Industrial 15th Edition by Stephen L. Herman in free pdf format.

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