Electrical Connectors Design Manufacture Test and Selection pdf

Preface to Electrical Connectors Design Manufacture Test and Selection pdf.

Connectors allow circuits and products that are manufactured independently to be electrically connected, tested, maintained, and upgraded. Manufacturers are thus able to optimize electronic systems and keep up with the rapid pace of electronic product development. Today, the connector market is valued at more than $50 billion, and there is still an increasing trend in the usage and applications of electronic connectors.

This book covers everything one would need to design, manufacture, and select a connector for any targeted application. It covers the science of contact physics and the engineering involved in the choice and manufacture of contact materials, contact finishes, housing materials, and the full connector assembly process. Test methods, performance and reliability concerns, and guidelines are provided, and various application requirements and selection considerations are discussed.

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Key features of the book include the following:
• Provides a comprehensive description of electrical connectors, from the components and materials that comprise connectors to their applications and classifications
• Provides information on the design and manufacture of all the parts of a connector
• Thoroughly explains the key performance and reliability concerns and trade-offs related to electrical connector selection
• Details current industry standards for performance, reliability, and safety assurance
• Examines application-specific criteria for contact resistance, signal quality, and temperature rise
• Provides information on key suppliers, materials used, and different types of data provided
• Presents guidelines for end users who have concerns about connector selection and new connector designs

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