Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology, Third Edition (Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology S) 3rd Edition

Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology, (Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology S) 3rd Edition pdf.

Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology 3rd Edition’ provides coverage for a wide range of courses that contain electrical principles, circuit theory and technology in their syllabuses, from introductory to degree level.

New topics included in this edition are a complete update on semiconductor diodes and transistors, and additional material on batteries and fuel cells, relative and absolute voltages, self and mutual inductance, virtual test and measuring instruments, complex waveforms, Fourier series and ABCD parameters. In addition, applications in all areas are expanded and emphasised and new further problems added.

A new feature is that a free Internet download is available of a sample (over 700) of the 1000 further problems contained in the book.

From the Back Cover
This textbook for courses in electrical principles, circuit theory, and electrical technology takes students from the fundamentals of the subject up to and including first degree level. The coverage is ideal for those studying engineering for the first time as part of BTEC National and other pre-degree vocational courses, especially where progression to higher levels of study is likely, as well as Higher Nationals, Foundation Degrees and first year undergraduate modules.

  • The emphasis is firmly on learning by example:
  • 800 detailed worked problems give a thorough understanding of the principles
  • 1,000 further problems within 175 exercises to work through and test learning (answers provided)
  • 14 revision tests which can be used as assignments (answers available to lecturers only)
  • Learning objectives are summarised at the beginning of each chapter Summaries of main formulae used

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