Electrical Circuit Analysis and Design PDF

Preface to Electrical Circuit Analysis and Design By Noel M Morris pdf.

Electrical Circuit Analysis and Design is intended for use with the early years of a first degree course in Electrical, Electronic and Control Engineering, and for Higher National Diploma and Certificate courses in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

The main prerequisite to its use is a knowledge of the basic concepts of electricity, magnetism and mathematics; an introduction to calculus is more in the nature of a corequisite than a prerequisite.

The book has primarily been written for the student, and it is intended that readers should be able to teach themselves the analytical techniques involved. To this end, many fully worked examples are included in the body of the text, and a large number of unworked problems (with solutions) are included at the end of chapters. Throughout the book, both ‘power’ and ‘electronic’ circuit examples and problems have been included.

A ‘plus’ feature of the book is a chapter on the use of SPICE software (Simulated Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) for circuit analysis. Examples in this chapter range from resistive d.c. networks to a.c. solutions and transient analysis, and illustrate the practical advantages of this software, which is pre-eminent in the field of circuit analysis.

When writing the book, I decided that it should be written from a logical teaching viewpoint. That is, as with a conventional course, the more understandable parts of circuit theory are treated first, after which the less easy but, technically, more interesting topics are covered.

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