Electrical and Electronics Measurements and Instrumentation pdf

Electrical and Electronics Measurements and Instrumentation.

About the Book:

As a subject of study, electrical measurement is one of the more traditional fields of electrical and allied engineering disciplines. However, with progress in technology and manufacturing expertise, measurements of physical parameters have gained new heights in terms of state-of-the-art concepts and technologies. This book aims at bridging traditional concepts with modern technologies of electrical and electronics measurements and instrumentation. 

The text is designed for an undergraduate course in electrical and electronics measurements. Since the basic concepts cut across disciplines—such as electrical, mechanical, electronics, instrumentation and control engineering—this book presents a proper balance between theoretical and analytical approach, as well as practical illustrations along with computational approach for solving various kinds of numerical problems. Some of the subjects dealt with are essentially mathematical in nature, and cannot be treated otherwise, but the mathematics throughout the book has been kept as simple as possible so that it is followed easily by most readers. The theory of most of the measurement techniques and measuring instruments has been dealt with in sufficient detail, but in most cases concise forms have been used for such theoretical discussions, so that readers may skip them, if desired, and consider only the resulting expressions. Photographs of real systems have been used in places where schematic representation needed to be augmented. 

The main theme of this book has been to cater to undergraduate students. All topics in different chapters have been developed with ample and adequate detail without subjecting students to unwanted complicacies. As a textbook, this contribution is expected to help students not only in building up their knowledge of physical concepts of the systems described, but also as a ready and concise reference.

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