Drawing for Engineering by Paul Smith pdf download

Drawing for Engineering by Paul Smith pdf.

Unit 1 Drawing equipment
Unit 2 Application of the alphabet of lines
Unit 3 Lettering, figuring and dimensioning
Unit 4 Freehand sketehing
Unit 5 Constructions
Unit 6 Layout of drawings
Unit 7 Sectioning
Unit 8 Conventional representations
Unit 9 Fasteners
Unit 10 Assembly drawings
Unit 11 Pipe drawings (chemical)
Appendix Terms, abbreviations and symbols

Drawing for Engineering by Paul Smith

Prefce: This book is presented in the conventional order in which the various topics are generally taught at technikons. The scope of the unit is such that it will form the foundation of Engineering Drawings (Mechanical and Chemical) at a tertiary level.

This book is specifically designed to cover the requirements of ISO standards and also the SABS standards (Code of Practice for Engineering Drawing SABS 0111) and should, therefore, give the learner technician an idea of the fundamentals of draughtsmanship. 

The presentation of the topics in this book is such that students should be able to handle most of the work with a minumum of supervision and for this reason it is recommended for distance education as well. 

It is necessary to urge that students get plenty of practice in free-hand sketching. To be able to make neat, well-proportioned freehand sketches is as important as the ability to make drawings at a drawing-board using a T-square and drawing instruments. In the Appendix, all the abbreviations are shown used on Engineer ing Drawing 

This is an ACTIVITY icon. If you see this icon then you will know that it is time to DO something! The activities help you to understand the subject. Feel free to do them with a friend or a group of friends. Whatever you do, just do them! The solutions to the activities are given at the end of each unit.
Paul Smith”.

From The Back Cover:
DRAWING for Engineering: “I didn’t realise that one book could teach me so much – I have a new confidence in my drawing abilities.” Student at Technikon Northern Gauteng Drawing for Engineering is one of a series of eight publications introducing the fundamental concepts in engineering to entry level students. Technical concepts are explained in plain language. making it easy and enjoyable to read.

Key features: 
• No prior knowledge of drawing is required 
• Graphics are used to explain difficult concepts 
• Based on the South African Bureau of Standards Code of Practice for Engineering Drawing (SABS 0111) 
• Step by step guides to drawing techniques 
• Teaches both technical drawing and freehand sketching 
• Has special units with applications for mechanical and chemical engineering 
• Suitable for individuals or groups 
• Explicit examples and self-evaluation exercises assist the learner 
• Suitable for distance education

Drawing for Engineering is essential reading for anyone looking to gain a firm grounding in one of the key disciplines of engineering.

This engineering series was developed by staff at South African technikons working in collaboration with a university consortium in the United States of America. Paul Smith of Technikon Northern Gauteng served as primary author for Drawing for Engineering, with François Hoffman of Peninsula Technikon and Herman Pienaar of Eastern Cape Technikon as moderators. Herbert Einstein and Amy Smith of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology provided input as external moderators from the United States consortium.

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Book Details:
⏩Edition: illustrated, reprint
⏩Author: Paul Smith
⏩Publisher: Juta and Company Ltd, 1999
⏩Language: English
⏩Pages: 212
⏩Size: 4.70 MB
⏩Format: PDF

Download Drawing for Engineering by Paul Smith in pdf format for free.
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