Download Professional NFC Application Development for Android by Vedat Coskun Free PDF

Professional NFC Application Development for Android by Vedat Coskun
This book shows you how to develop NFC applications for Android, for all NFC operating modes: reader/writer, peer-to-peer, and card emulation.
The book starts with the basics of NFC technology, an overview of the Android OS, and what you need to know about the SDK tools. It then walks you through all aspects of NFC app development, including SE programming. You’ll find all you need to create an app, including functioning, downloadable code and a companion website with additional content. Valuable case studies help you understand each operating mode in clear, practical detail.

Download Professional NFC Application Development for Android by Vedat Coskun Free PDF
Chapter 1 consists of introductory information on NFC technology. It gives some technical history and background information in NFC technology, and continues with the components of an NFC services setup. The component knowledge covers NFC-enabled mobile phones, NFC reader, NFC tags, and other complementary parts.
This chapter will provide readers with enough knowledge on NFC at a macro level.
Chapter 2 contains the technical details of NFC technology that an NFC programmer will probably need.
Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 consist of details of Android programming, for those who know Java but are not acquainted with Android in enough detail. The coverage of Android programming in this chapter is not extensive, but is enough to enable readers to continue with the later chapters on NFC programming using Android, as well as developing NFC applications further.
Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 contain instructions on how to program NFC in reader/writer mode, along with some examples. 
This book is structured in a top-down fashion, The chapters are isolated from each other, so that readers who have enough knowledge on the topic can just skip that chapter.
The chapters are not integrated with each other in any way, The only exception is that dual chapters are created for the reader/ writer (Chapter 5 and Chapter 6) and peer-to-peer (Chapter 7 and Chapter 8) operating modes –  the earlier chapter explains how to program using the related mode, and the later one provides examples of that mode. Hence, the reader who does not have a complete understanding of programming using the related mode should read both chapters, while the reader who is con dent about the programming of that mode can skip the earlier chapter and browse the later one containing the examples.
Book Details:
– Language: English
– Publisher: Wrox
– Pages: 316
– Size: 16.1 MB
– Format: PDF
About the Author:
Kerem Ok and Busra Ozdenizci are researchers at NFC Lab – Istanbul who have participated in several groundbreaking NFC technology projects.
Vedat Coskun established NFC Lab – Istanbul (, the leading research lab on Near Field Communication technology worldwide. His major research areas are NFC, mobility, mobile application development, cashless payment, smartcards, Java technology, and mobile security.
Download Professional NFC Application Development for Android by Vedat Coskun in PDF format for free.
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