Download Pro Apache Struts with Ajax by John Carnell PDF

Pro Apache Struts with Ajax by John Carnell.
on the rst edition of this book, The authors had two goals in mind: First, They wanted to write a book that would introduce readers to the Struts development framework, but would not overwhelm them with all of the nitty-gritty details associated with writing Struts pplications. 

Second,They wanted people to see how Struts could be used to solve everyday problems they encounter in building their own web applications.

That is why there is such a focus throughout the book on the concept of identifying common design mistakes and ooking at how Struts can be used to solve these problems. 

this book emphasizes the  importance of good design even when using a framework like Struts.

This book has been designed with both the intermediate and  advanced developer in mind.The application being built in this book is very simple and easy.

Download Pro Apache Struts with Ajax by John Carnell PDF

In the second edition of this book, They have updated all of the material to Struts 1.1. They have included entire chapters on many of the new Struts 1.1 features (like the Tiles and Validator frameworks).

In addition, They explore a host of other open source technologies, like ObjectRelationalBridge, Lucene, and Velocity, that when used in  tandem with Struts can signicantly reduce the amount of time and eort it takes to build common pieces of application functionality.

In this book, the authors take an application-centric approach: the development of an application drives the Struts along with Ajax coverage, rather than the other way around. 

Chapter titles include: What We Do Wrong: Web Antipatterns Explained; Managing Business Logic with Struts; Architecting the Data Access Tier with bjectRelationalBridge; Building Flexible Front-Ends with the Tiles Framework; Dynamic Forms using Ajax and the Struts Validator Framework; Speeding Struts Development with XDoclet, and Logging and Debugging. 

Appendices discuss JavaEdge setup, Struts development tools, and Apache Struts Ti/WebWork. The end result: you will learn to use Struts very effectively!

 Pro Apache Struts with Ajax by John Carnell PDF.

See What Are They Saying About This Book…..

➤This book got me started with Struts very quickly. I was able to quickly learn the basics and start writing my first struts app.

The authors have created a very easy to follow guide (and reference) for beginning Struts development. I’ve found it very useful for the project I am working on. A couple of shortcomings…

In the section on Struts form validation, they don’t go into how one would handle using ActionForm’s validate() method to validate a form when the associated HTML FORM uses [for example] html:optionscollection to present a pulldown with choices. Forwarding to the controller, and an action that could then repopulate the beans with the pulldown values would make sense but I’ll have to figure this out on my own to see if that’s the way to do it.

All in all, a very good book.

Pro Apache Struts with Ajax by John Carnell. 

Book Details:
⏩Language: English
Pages: 525
Publisher: Apress
Authors:John Carnell with Rob Harrop, Edited by Kunal Mittal
Size: 3.1 MB
Format: PDF

Download Pro Apache Struts with Ajax by John Carnell easily in PDF format for free.

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