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Principles of Electrical Measurement by Sławomir Tumański

The field of electrical measurement continues to grow, with new techniques developed each year. From the basic thermocouple to cutting-edge virtual instrumentation, it is also becoming an increasingly “digital” endeavor. Books that attempt to capture the state-of-the-art in electrical measurement are quickly outdated. Recognizing the need for a text devoted to the major areas underlying modern electrical measurement, Slawomir Tumanski developed Principles of Electrical Measurement.
This text builds a solid foundation in the necessary background concepts and fundamentals needed to develop and use modern electrical instruments. The author first introduces the fundamentals-including main terms and definitions, methods of estimating accuracy and uncertainty, and standards of electrical quantities-and the classical methods of measurement. 
He then delves into data acquisition, signal conditioning, and signal processing for both analog and digital signals. The final chapter examines computer measuring systems and virtual measurement techniques. By focusing on the aspects that are common to all types of electrical measurement, the book ensures a solid understanding that can be easily applied in practice.
 Whether used as an introduction to the field or as a reference to the essential concepts, Principles of Electrical Measurement provides the knowledge necessary to develop measurement solutions for any application.
Download Principles of Electrical Measurement by S.Tumanski free PDF
  •  Title: Principles of Electrical Measurement
  •  Format: PDF
  •  pages:  485
  •  Size: 7.03 MB
  •  Published: January 20, 2006
  •  Publisher: TAYLOR
  •  Language: English
Table of Contents:
  •  Introduction to Measurements
  •  Fundamentals of Electrical Measurements
  •  Classic Electrical Measurements
  •  Processing of the Analogue Measurement Signals
  •  Digital Processing of the Measurement Signals
  •  Computer Measuring Systems
Download Principles of Electrical Measurement by S.Tumanski  in a free PDF Format.
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