Download Principles of Communication Engineering – free pdf

Principles of Communication Engineering
free pdf 

Principles of Communication Engineering by John M Wozencraft; Irwin Mark Jacobs

Title: Principles of Communication Engineering
Publisher: Waveland Pr Inc
formate: free pdf

Download Principles of Communication Engineering - free pdf

The content and scope of this highly regarded book–the first overall synthesis of its kind-is reflected in three important objectives: (1) to establish a sound frame of reference for further study in communication, random processes, and information and detection theory; (2) to make the central results and concepts of statistical communication theory accessible and intuitively meaningful to the practicing engineer; and (3) to illuminate the engineering significance and application of the theory and to provide a quantitative basis for the compromises of engineering design

These are some of the opinions written on the back of the book that will actually encourage you to start reading the book and why not, all of which are unanimous views on the importance and usefulness of the great book.

From the Back Cover:
“This classic text in communication theory retains its value completely today. I prefer it to many newer books.” — L. B. Levitin, Boston University.

“I’m glad it is still available. It is very readable and covers the basic ideas with reasonable notation.” — Filson Glanz, University of New Hampshire

“This is my favorite communications textbook. Despite its age, the  material covered in the book is very much relevant to modern communications systems.” — Venugopal Veeravalli, Cornell University

“I like the text’s systematic treatment of the concept of signal space, which I find most students struggle to grasp.” — Jing Jiang, North Carolina A&T State University

“In my opinion, nobody has written a text that reflects the development of an emerging technology the way Wozencraft and Jacobs did for communications/telecommunication technology.” — Behnam Kamali, Mercer University

“An indispensable classic treatment of the basic concepts of communication engineering; a must for serious researchers in the field.” — Ernest L. Walker, West Virginia University

“The rigorous treatment of optimum signaling schemes is superb and should be required reading for advanced graduate students working in communication theory.” — Vijaya Kuman, Carnegie Mellon University

“Students like the textbook because it is easy to read and focuses on fundamentals without the usual clutter.” — Costas N. Georghiades, Texas A&M University

“One cannot help to be impressed by the accomplishments of these authors. It is hard to overestimate the importance of this book. It is one of the basic books used by every communication engineer involved in research and design.” — George Zrilic, New Mexico Highlands University

“Your company was wise to reprint this great book. The price is very reasonable and the quality of print is excellent.” — Mohsen Kavehrad, Penn State University
“I like the book best because it describes the key points immediately and focuses on the most important concepts. Students learn quickly and solidly.” — Henry Yeh, California State University, Long Beach

This book provides a cohesive introduction to much of the vast body of knowledge central to the problems of communication

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