Download Power Systems Protective Relaying by J.C. Das free PDF

Power Systems Protective Relaying by J.C. Das
This Power Systems Protective Relaying by J.C. Das handbook on power systems consists of four volumes. These are carefully planned and designed to provide state-of-the-art material on the major aspects of electrical power systems, short-circuit currents, load ow, harmonics, and protective.
This book focuses on protective relaying, which is an indispensable part of electrical power systems. The recent advancements in protective relaying are being dictated by MMPRs (microprocessor-based multifunction relays). The text covers smart grids, integration of wind and solar generation, microgrids, and MMPRs as the driving aspects of innovations in protective relaying. Topics such as cybersecurity and instrument transformers are also explored. Many case studies and practical examples are included to emphasize real-world applications.
The objective of creating this series is to provide the reader with a comprehensive treatise that could serve as a reference and day-to-day application guide for solving the real-world problem.
Download Power Systems Protective Relaying by J.C. Das free PDF
It is written for plasticizing engineers and academia at the level of upperundergraduate and graduate degrees.
this series provides a unique approach to the practical problems that an application engineer or consultant may face in conducting system studies and applying it to varied system problems.
This book is an excellent compilation of all the various topics of protective relaying. The focus is on protection systems and functions applied in various parts of the power system. The underlying fundamentals of power systems are not included in this book since they are handled in the other volumes of the handbook series. In the book, recent technological developments have been successfully taken into account, and there is even a chapter devoted to modern microprocessor-based multifunction relays. The book is based on the North American system design and standards but provides a vast amount of knowledge to engineers and students of this specific field all over the world.
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About the Author:
Prof. J.C Das joined Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi in 1978. A pioneering Glaucoma surgeon, Prof. J.C Das introduced and popularized Glaucoma valve surgery in India. He worked in various capacities and was ultimately Director Professor, heading Glaucoma services at Guru Nanak Eye Centre from 1991 till 2005, when he took voluntary retirement to join Shroff Eye Centre as Senior Consultant and Chief of Glaucoma division.
r. J.C. Das is currently the President of Power System Studies, Inc. Snellville, USA. He headed the Electrical Power Systems Analysis Department at AMEC Inc., (now AMEC Foster Wheeler, Inc.) Tucker, GA, USA, for the last 30 years. He has varied experience in the utility industry, industrial establishments, hydroelectric generation, and atomic energy. He is responsible for power system studies, including short-circuit, load flow, harmonics, stability, arc-flash hazard, grounding, switching transients, EMTP simulations, and protective relaying. He conducts courses for continuing education in power systems and has authored or coauthored approximately 65 technical publications, six textbooks, and over 7,000 total published pages.
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