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Mechanical Design by Antonino Risitano

This collection is the result of a decade of continual elaboration and revision of teaching notes at the earnest request of students of the machine construction course that has been run for several years  now at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Catania for mechanical engineering students.

Beginning with current training needs, the various parts of the  book’s arguments are dealt with in such a way as to be accessible to all students of courses in industrial engineering.

It employs an analytical approach to the subjects based on algorithms from traditional calculus without extensive reference to more current methodologies. This gives students of the ability to use simple models and calculations that are reliably effective and helpful at times when more complicated algorithms or well-known commercial programs need to be used.

The goal and the hope are that this collection of notes can be used not only by students of the mechanical engineering course but by all those whose training requires them to acquire the fundamentals of the design of mechanical components.

Download Mechanical Design by Antonino Risitano Free Pdf

Emphasizing logical and analytical thinking, students start by analyzing the physical problem with the most appropriate schematic and end with a constructional definition of the component in need of planning. Typical Machine Construction course subjects/modules occupy the greater part of this book (mechanical system component planning), but two preliminary sections enhance its appeal: the methodological set-up of the project (traditional or more recent developments), and the project criteria that take into account environmental concerns. To comply with the requirements of the new teaching regulations, the principal materials tests and simple stress states are outlined prior to the study of fatigue, which refers to fine-tuning methods developed at Catania’s Faculty of Engineering. Two useful appendices group tables of the general properties of metallic materials, and there are various applications whose theoretical methods and tools are applied to the planning of real mechanical systems.

About the Author:
Antonio Risitano is a faculty member within the Department of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering of the University of Catania, Italy.

Book Details:
➤ Publisher: CRC Press
➤ Language: English
➤ Pages: 670 
➤ Size: 12.8 MB
➤ Format: PDF

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