Download Fluid Mechanics, Second Edition free pdf

Download Fluid Mechanics, Second Edition.

Download Fluid Mechanics, Second Edition free pdf
Preface to the First English Edition:
This textbook is the translation of the fourth edition of Strömungslehre, Einführung in die Theorie der Strömungen. The German edition has met with a favorable reception in German-speaking countries, showing that there was a demand for a book that emphazises the fundamentals. In the English literature there are books of the same nature, some excellent, and these have indeed influenced me to write this book. However, they cover different ground and are not aimed primarily at mechanical engineering students, which this book is. I have kept the original concept throughout all editions and there is little to say that has not been said in the preface to the first German edition. There is now a companion volume Solved Problems in Fluid Mechanics, which alleviates the drawback of the first German edition, namely the absence of problem exercises.
The book has been translated by Katherine Mayes during her stay in Darmstadt, and I had the opportunity to work with her daily. It is for this reason that I am solely responsible for this edition, too. My thanks also go to Prof. L. Crane from Trinity College in Dublin for his assistance with this book. Many people have helped, all of whom I cannot name, but I would like to express my sincere thanks to Ralf Münzing, whose dependable and unselfish attitude has been a constant encouragement during this work.
Darmstadt, January 1997 J. H. Spurk
Preface to the Second English Edition : 
The first English edition was the translation of the fourth German edition. In the meantime the textbook has undergone several additions, mostly stimulated by consulting activities of the first author. Since the textbook continues to receive favourable reception in German speaking countries and has been translated in other languages as well, the publisher suggested a second English edition. The additions were translated for the most part by Prof. L. Crane from Trinity College in Dublin, who has accompanied this textbook from the very beginning. Since the retirement of the first author, Prof. N. Aksel from the University of Bayreuth, Germany, the second author, was actively engaged in the sixth and the seventh edition. The additions were written by the first author who accepts the responsibility for any mistakes or omissions in this book.

Download Fluid Mechanics, Second Edition in free pdf format.

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