Download Finite Element Analysis by Mircea Rades pdf

Finite Element Analysis by Mircea Rades.

This textbook represents the Finite Element Analysis lecture course given to students in the third year at the Department of Engineering Sciences.

The course represents only an introduction to the nite element analysis, stand-alone single-element programs to assist students in solving problems as homework.

It is followed by an advanced course in the fourth year at F.I.L.S., called Computational Structural Mechanics, where students are supposed to use commercial programs.

In designing the course, our aim was to produce students capable of:
(1) understanding the theoretical background
(2) appreciating the structure of nite element programs for potential amendment and development
(3) running packages and assessing their limitations
(4) taking a detached view in checking output
(5) understanding failure messages and nding ways of rectifying the errors.

Download Finite Element Analysis by Mircea Rades pdf

The course syllabus was restricted to 2D linear elastic structural problems. It has been found advantageous to divide the nite element analysis into two parts.

Firstly, the assembly process without any approximations followed by the true nite element process which involves approximations.

The objective:
was to ensure that students have achieved:
(1) a familiarity in working with matrix methods and developing stiness matrices, (2) an understanding of global versus local coordinate systems, (3) the abilty to use the minimum potential energy theorem and virtual work equations, (4) the mapping from isoparametric space to real geometrics and the need for numerical integration, (5) an insight in numerical techniques for linear equation solving (Gauss elimination, frontal solvers etc), and (6) the use of equilibrium, compatibility, stress/strain relations and boundary conditions.


1. Introduction 

2. Displacement Method  

3. Direct Stiffness Method  

4. Bars and shafts 

5. Beams, frames and grids 

6. Linear elasticity  

7. Energy methods 

8. Two-dimensional elements 

9. Isoparametric elements 

10. Plate bending 

 Finite Element Analysis by Mircea Rades pdf.

Book Details:

Title: Finite Element Analysis
Author: Mircea Rades
Publisher: Printech
Puplication Date: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 274
Size: 5.38 MB
Format: PDF

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