Download BeagleBone Home Automation by Juha Lumme free pdf

BeagleBone Home Automation by Juha Lumme free pdf.
Download BeagleBone Home Automation by Juha Lumme free pdf
This book is written by an embedded systems enthusiast for other likeminded souls. It is meant for makers, inventors, hackers, and generally for people who like to create new things by themselves. Together, we will start a journey into embedded systems, with the aim of setting up a home automation solution, using BeagleBone Black as our platform.
We will start with the very basics that you need to know in order to connect to BeagleBone from your home computer and work on it. After that, we will very quickly start connecting different electronic components and different types of sensors to start providing our BeagleBone platform with capabilities to interact with and sense the world around it.
The approach in this book will be very practical, and the chapters will contain electronic schematics, wiring diagrams, and the necessary operation code written in Python. All the examples will give you a deeper understanding of that specific area, and we will provide some additional pointers and ideas so you can feel comfortable experimenting with it by yourself with a clear sense of direction.
What this book covers:
Chapter 1, The Initial Setup, introduces the basics of how to operate a Linux system over a terminal connection and demonstrates a Hello World program executed on the BeagleBone platform.
Chapter 2, Input and Output, introduces LEDs and push buttons to
illustrate how general-purpose inputs and outputs work.
Chapter 3, Creating the Client and Server Applications, provides an
introduction to Socket programming and creating client and server applications that can talk to each other.
Chapter 4, Extending Server Capabilities, provides an introduction to transistors, light and temperature sensors, and enabling the server to transmit environmental data to the client.
Chapter 5, Implementing Periodic Tasks, introduces the movement
sensor. Autonomous operations are implemented and server interfaces are extended for remote reconfigurability.
Chapter 6, Creating an Android Client, sets up the Android development environment, and our client code is rewritten to an Android application that can connect to the server over the Internet.
Appendix, Security, Debugging, and I2C and SPI, includes Linux
debugging and talks about the need for advanced security when connecting to the Internet.
Book Details:
Format: PDF
Language: English
Pages: 228
Size: 3.3 MiB
Download BeagleBone Home Automation by Juha Lumme in pdf format for free.
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