Download Basic Manufacturing Third Edition by Roger Timings free PDF

Basic Manufacturing Third Edition by Roger Timings

Basic Manufacturing has already established itself as a core text for manufacturing courses in Further Education. The new edition has been revised and updated so as to satisfy the requirements of the:
• Edexcel vocational GCSE in manufacturing.
• OCR GCSE in manufacturing.
• GNVQ in manufacturing (Foundation and Intermediate, including part 1).

Coverage of the two schemes is combined throughout the text, yet each chapter clearly illustrates which sections map to which units within the two scheme specifications.

The third edition contains a brand new chapter to cater for the examinable part of the GCSE syllabus (Unit 3), which includes case studies in the six sectors covered in the scheme: food and drink/biological and chemical; printing and publishing/paper and board; textiles and clothing; engineering fabrication; mecganical/automotive engineering; electrical and electronic engineering/process control/computer/telecommunications.

This textbook also provides excellent background support to other technical subjects such as GCSE/AS Level Design and Technology and Foundation/ Intermediate level GNVQ Engineering. 

Download Basic Manufacturing Third Edition by Roger Timings free PDF
It is also designed to cater for the requirements of a wider range of predegree courses that demand a rm grounding in the business and practice of world quality manufacturing.

The author’s approach is student-centred with self-check questions and activities provided throughout. As a result, the book is well suited to independent study. It is also clearly written to appeal to students of all abilities. Review questions are provided at the end of each chapter to consolidate learning and give practice for external assessments.

The book is an excellent, readable introduction to the technical and business aspects of the manufacturing industry that will be invaluable for students on a wide range of courses, including City and Guilds certificates. It also provides a good grounding for students embarking on higher-level programmes within Manufacturing.
Book Details:
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Newnes;
  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 313
  • Size: 6.20 MB

The Author:
  • Roger Timings
 “A core text for Vocational GCSE in Manufacturing and Intermediate GNVQ”

Download Basic Manufacturing Third Edition by Roger Timings in PDF format for free.

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