Different Types of Automobile Suspension Springs PDF download

Different Types of Automobile Suspension Springs PDF download

Different Types of Automobile Suspension Springs pdf

What is a suspension spring?

The automotive suspension system consists of three basic groups of components: coil springs, damping components and leading components. Coil springs belong to the first category, i.e., the springing elements in the car structure. Their construction is very simple, as they are made of thick steel wire formed into an appropriate shape. Coil springs vary in wire thickness, number of coils and their density. There may be a shock absorber inside the spring, in which case we speak of a suspension strut. This is the case with MacPherson struts.

In modern cars, coil springs – available from Magnum, for example – have replaced another type of spring, the leaf spring. These were characterised by their high resistance to overload, but required lubrication, took up a lot of space and did not guarantee as good a drive as the modern type of spring. Leaf springs can still be found on trucks and utility cars. They are mainly used on rear axle wheels. Other types of spring elements used in automotive applications include torsion bars, air spring elements and rubber buffers, also available from Magnum.

The pdf you will download contain :

1 Types of suspension spring
1.1 Leaf springs
1.1.1 Types of Leaf Springs Semi-elliptical spring Quarter-elliptical spring Three-quarter elliptical spring Transverse spring Full elliptical spring Platform type spring
1.2 Coil spring
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1.4 Torsion spring
1.5 Airbags
1.6 Rubber spring
1.7 Helper Spring
2 Other Types of Suspension Spring
2.1 Cylindrical suspension springs
2.2 Inconstant wire suspension springs
2.3 Mini-block springs
2.4 Banana-shaped side load springs
3 Conclusion

Download Different Types of Automobile Suspension Springs in free pdf format.

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