Diesel Engine Reference Book Second Edition pdf

Diesel Engine Reference Book Second Edition.

Preface: this edition represents the many changes that have appeared in the diesel engine field. Not since Diesel’s conception of the engine have there been so many substantial changes in diesel design and applications. Some of these are captured in this edition, so that readers will find most of the coverage from the first edition but major new sections covering the impact of electronics and modern control theory as well as the developments in fuel injection systems. Some of the original chapters have been revised, either by their original authors, or by others. 

The editors have attempted to include information relevant to interested engineers, both those who are new to the field and also those who are long-term practitioners. Such is the diversity of knowledge required today, that the various specialisms require detailed study and the editors would like to express their sincere gratitude to the authors and their companies who have contributed to this revised edition. 

The editors are both past Chairs of the SAE Diesel Engine Committee and have a wide range of friends, colleagues and acquaintances who are active in the design, development and application of diesel engines. We would like to recognize the special efforts that many of these people have made to assist in the production of this new edition. Not all have been chapter Preface to the second edition authors, but many have played supporting roles of various types, providing advice and guidance. The linkage of this book with the original Pounder’s Diesel Engine Principles and Practice continues, with the chapter on marine engine applications reproduced here from the current edition of Pounders. 

One of the editors (Bernard Challen) was privileged to work with Leslie Lilly at Ricardo for many years and was pleased to follow in his footsteps as an editor of this volume. Tribute is paid elsewhere to Leslie but the present editors would like to record their homage to him in providing a firm foundation on which to extend and develop this book. They hope to have lived up to the original objectives to be useful and informative. 

The editors hope that this revised edition will appeal—and be useful—to a wide range of readers and so they have attempted to organize the material in logical sections, in addition to providing some of the most current material available. Some of this will perhaps change rapidly, especially that affected by political decisions, such as exhaust emissions and especially particulate legislation. Apart from this area, the book contains much factual and descriptive diesel material that will endure and provide help to many of us as we practise our profession. We trust that you find the book both useful and enjoyable reading.

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