Diesel Engine Machining Alternatives B Series Cummins Light-Duty Diesel Engine Casting Repair pdf free download

Diesel Engine Machining Alternatives B Series Cummins Light-Duty Diesel Engine Casting Repair pdf.

Diesel Engine Machining Alternatives B Series Cummins Light-Duty Diesel Engine Casting Repair

Diesel Engine Machining Alternatives B Series Cummins Light-Duty Diesel Engine Casting Repair free pdf download.

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ALTERNATIVES By Steve Gettelfinger
“From the puplisher of the book”
My first experience at the Bonneville Salt Flats was in 1964 for Speed Week. Anyone who ever visited Speed Week was treated to the wildest array of racing machinery ever assembled in one place at the same time. If you build it, there is a class to race it so this environment fosters large amounts of creativity and personal opinion on how to go faster than anybody has ever gone before. It was at Bonneville where I first saw a diesel-powered streamliner and as a teenager wondered why anyone would build such a car powered by, of all things, a diesel. What transpired over the week was to see that diesel liner set a new speed record in class. Truly an amazing accomplishment and should have sparked some curiosity in me as to why that car owner chose diesel power over all other gasoline engines.

My next trip to Bonneville wasn’t until 1993 when I visited Speed Week once again but this time with my own car. Once bitten by the Salt, you never fully recover so there I was, standing on this ancient lake bed staring out at this pure white expanse thinking how blessed I was to be there. But how things have changed. There were no fewer than four highly modified Kenworth, Peterbuilt and Mac trucks out to set fastest time of meet in class and maybe take home a world record for the effort. A mix of superchargers and turbos powered these big diesels to speeds in excess of 200+ miles per hour! One such truck out of Oregon used a four turbocharged diesel to set a new class record over 232 MPH only limited by tires. I never would have believed it possible for a truck of this size and weight to go this fast. Here again, something in this experience should have told me there is real speed potential in these diesel engines but alas, it did not. Around this same time, Audi was developing the R8 diesel powered endurance road racer that eventually changed how unlimited endurance road races were done. From six to 24 hours, the R8 was untouchable. This too should have been a clue to speed potential of diesel power but only a few were actually looking closely.

Fast forward to 2011 and we see the fruit of all these years of diesel development. Small bore, common rail diesel engines are plentiful in the EU and are beginning to take hold here in the United States. This new breed of diesel is quiet, clean burning and powerful. Fiat, VW, Audi and Mercedes Benz all have their version of small bore diesels aimed at the US market and some could be considered hot rods even by gasoline standards. These diminutive turbo diesels can rival performance of gasoline engines with much larger displacement. There will be compelling arguments in favor of these engines as consumer understanding grows.

Generally, when an OEM market gains popularity, the aftermarket follows suit and provides customers with performance parts. We are beginning to see this happen with diesel engines as well. Although there have been pioneers like Gale Banks who was one of the first to recognize benefits of high performance diesel engines, it has taken time for the US aftermarket to offer diversity and choice of components. Engine Professional Magazine will explore this new era of high performance diesel and give the reader a glimpse into what is going on and how a diesel engine builder approaches performance enhancement. Given a trend toward diesel engines for performance, the high performance aftermarket may just have new frontiers to explore and our engine shops new profit potential as well. 

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