Dictionary of Building and Civil Engineering_ English, German, French, Dutch, Russian PDF


Preface of Dictionary of Building and Civil Engineering_ English, German, French, Dutch, Russian PDF

In the last few decades civil engineering has undergone substantial technological change which has, naturally, been reflected in the terminology employed in the industry. Efforts are now being made in many countries to bring about a systematization and unification of technical terminology in general, and tbat of civil engineering in particular.

The publication of a multilingual dictionary of civil engineering terms has been necessitated by the expansion of international cooperation and information exchange in this field, as well as by the lack of suitable updated bilingual dictionaries. This Dictionary contains some 14 000 English terms together with their German, French, Dutch and Russian equivalents, which are used in the main branches of civil engineering and relate to the basic principles of structural design and calculations (the elasticity theory, strength of materials, soi! mechanics and other allied technical disciplines); to buildings and installations, structures and their parts, building materials and prefabrications, civil engineering technology and practice, building and road construction machines, construction site equipment, housing equipment and fittings (including modern systems of air conditioning); as well as to hydrotechnical and irrigation constructions. The Dictionary also includes a limited number of basic technical expressions and terms relating to allied disciplines such as architecture and town planning, as well as airfield, railway and underground construction.

The Dictionary does not Iist trade names of buiIding materials, parts and machines or the names of chemical compounds. Nor does it give adverbial, adjective or verbal terms. In compiling the Dictionary the authors used a wide range of recent publications: encyclopedias, terminological dictionaries, civil engineering thesauruses, glossaries, reference books, terminological standards, monographs, textbooks, periodicals and technical documentation. Unequal semantic value or inadequacy of certain English terms and their counterparts in the other languages of the Dictionary have in some instance compelled the authors to provide explanatory or discriptive translations. The user should also realise that in cases of multisemantic English terms only those equivalents that immediately pertain to civil engineering have been Iisted.

The Dictionary is intended for civil engineers, research workers, teachers, postgraduates and college students. as well as for translators of scientific and technical publications. Being the first of its kind, the Dictionary may well have certain drawbacks or lack some useful terms. The authors would, therefore, appreciate any remarks and suggestions on its contents. These should be forwarded to Kluwer Technische Boeken B. V. Postbus 23,7400 GA Deventer, The Nederlands or to 103012 Moskva, Staropanski per., 1/5, Izdatelstvo “Russky Yazyk”.

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