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Design of Concrete Structures 15th Edition

Preface of Design of Concrete Structures 15th Edition

The fifteenth edition of Design of Concrete Structures continues the dual objectives of establishing a firm understanding of the behavior of structural concrete and of developing proficiency in the methods of design practice. It is generally recognized that mere training in special design skills and codified procedures is inadequate for a successful career in professional practice. As new research becomes available and new design methods are introduced, these procedures are subject to frequent changes. To understand and keep abreast of these rapid developments and to engage safely in innovative design, the engineer needs a thorough grounding in the fundamental performance of concrete and steel as structural materials and in the behavior of reinforced concrete members and structures. At the same time, the main business of the structural engineer is to design structures safely, economically, and efficiently. Consequently, with this basic understanding as a firm foundation, familiarity with current design procedures is essential. This edition, like the preceding ones, addresses both needs.

The text presents the basic mechanics of structural concrete and methods for the design of individual members subjected to bending, shear, torsion, and axial forces. It additionally addresses in detail applications of the various types of structural members and systems, including an extensive presentation of slabs, beams, columns, walls, footings, retaining walls, and the integration of building systems. The 2014 ACI Building Code, which governs design practice in most of the United States and serves as a model code in many other countries, is significantly reorganized from previous editions and now focuses on member design and ease of access to code provisions. Strut-and-tie methods for design and anchoring to concrete have been moved from the appendixes into the body of the Code. The Code emphasis on member design reinforces the importance of understanding basic behavior. To meet the challenges of a revised building Code and the objectives listed above, this edition is revised as follows: • Every chapter is updated to account for the reorganization of the 2014 American Concrete Institute Building Code. • The opening chapters explore the roles of design theory, codes, and practice.

• The process of developing building design and the connection between the chapters in the text and the ACI Code is added.

• A new chapter on anchoring to concrete is included. • A chapter on walls is added, doubling the coverage and adding design examples.

• Diaphragms are included for the first time.

• Coverage of seismic design is updated.

• In addition to changes in the ACI Code, the text also includes the modified compression field theory method of shear design presented in the 2012 edition of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) LRFD Bridge Design Specifications.

• Chapters on yield line and strip methods for slabs are moved to the McGraw-Hill Education Website (

A strength of the text is the analysis chapter, which includes load combinations for use in design, a description of envelope curves for moment and shear, guidelines for proportioning members under both gravity and lateral loads, and procedures for developing preliminary designs of reinforced concrete structures. The chapter also includes the ACI moment and shear coefficients. Present-day design is performed using computer programs, either general-purpose commercially available software or individual programs written for special needs. Procedures given throughout the book guide the student and engineer through the increasingly complex methodology of design, with the emphasis on understanding the design process. Once mastered, these procedures are easily converted into flow charts to aid in preparing design aids or to validate commercial computer program output.

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