Design and Construction Building in Value 1st edition by Rick Best and Gerard de Valence pdf download

Design and Construction: Building in Value edited by Rick Best and Gerard de Valence.

1. Issues in design and construction

2. Beyond modernism 
3. How buildings come to be the way they are
4. Intelligent buildings 
5. A new era in cost planning 
6. The energy of materials
7. Innovation in energy modelling 
8. Buildability/constructability 
9. Building regulation: from prescription to performance 

10. Project finance and procurement 
11. Project management in construction 
12. Risk allocation in construction contracts 
13. Contaminated land 
14. The foundations of lean construction
15. Lean construction tools and techniques
16. Waste management in the construction industry 
17. Enterprise process monitoring using key performance indicators
18. Three-dimensional CAD models: integrating design and construction 
19. Administration of building contracts 
20. Occupational health and safety in construction 
21. ISO 9000 quality management systems for construction safety

22. Construction innovation in globalized markets
23. Management innovation – a note of caution
24. Four-dimension models: facility models linked to schedules 
25. Future technologies: new materials and techniques
26. Construction automation and robotic technology 
27. Some innovations in building services
28. The crystal ball

Design and Construction Building in Value by Rick Best and Gerard de Valence

As US architect Frank Lloyd Wright wrote in the New York Times Magazine (4 October 1953): The physician can bury his mistakes, but the architect can only advise his clients to plant vines. In the last 50 years, buildings have become more complicated, technology has continued at a relentless pace, work practices have changed, litigation abounds, globalization is a fact of life and we are all swamped with information. So why read another book about building best value buildings? The simple answer is that this book is vital to enhancing your knowledge. Today’s professional has to keep abreast of all the new developments in design, technology, building codes, and new materials and processes. Rick Best and Gerard de Valence have hit on the winning combination of knowing a lot about the design and construction industry and bringing together experts to write about the important issues in building today. Their last book, Building in value: pre-design issues, used the same format and has proved very successful. The editors have moulded a diverse range of topics into a coherent and interesting text. 

Everybody likes to think they are operating at the leading edge of their subject area, whether it be design, cost management, materials technology, or construction. If you want to stay at the leading edge, then you must read this book – it has taught me a lot about a wide range of topics. Remember – you don’t know what you don’t know! But building in value for whom? For the investor, developer, owner, designer, contractor, specialist contractor, or supply chain, who all played a part in the design and construction phases? Or for the customers, and the customers’ customers who will be involved in the whole life of the building? The editors have clearly considered these questions and have compiled a collection of expert views that cover the whole spectrum of construction, from inception to construction to operation. 

Today’s speed of change in new materials and communication technologies means we can no longer use the events of the past to predict the future. However, whatever the speed at which new technology is created, the changes are incremental, they do not all happen at once. Take, for example, the construction of tall buildings in the world: Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur relied upon advances in lift manufacture, e-commerce relies upon faster and faster processor speeds and communication advances, while nanotechnology provides an opportunity for scientists to make single molecules act like transistors – which makes computers the size of a sugar cube a possibility! The book recognizes the speed of change and includes sections on managing change and innovation, and future technologies, as well as dealing with today’s issues of constructability, occupational health and safety, lean construction, cost management, waste management, and quality assurance.

The book represents value for money for both students and professionals alike.
Roger Flanagan
The University of Reading

This is the second book in a series devoted to the concept of value in buildings, and how those who involved in building procurement may ultimately produce buildings that represent the best ‘value-for-money’ outcomes. Like its precursor, Building in Value: Predesign Issues, it is intended both for students in construction- and property-related courses at the tertiary level and as a useful resource for industry professionals: property developers, project managers and cost engineers among others.

Once again a wide range of topics have been included, however, the design and construction of buildings is a broad and complex area and no single book could cover all the relevant areas. Once again, though, it brings together in one volume an introduction to many of the parts of the building procurement process that make up the design and construction phase. The reference and bibliography lists at the end of each chapter point readers to a wealth of related material and will thus facilitate in-depth self-directed study of selected topics, while the editorial comments that precede most of the chapters tie the content of individual chapters to the central theme of ‘building in value’.

The book is broken into three parts: the first is a review of recent trends and changes in building procurement, the second examines specific functional and procedural issues, while the third looks to the future and examines some of the innovations that are emerging in areas such as the production of ‘space age’ materials, automation of the construction process and new methods of space conditioning.
Contributions have come from many countries including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the USA, England, Scotland and Finland, and the authors once again include academics and practitioners.

The first book in the series has been a success as it gives readers a convenient onevolume reference that provides a basic but solid grounding in the topic areas covered by
the various authors. We believe that this book will serve a similar purpose and hope that students and professionals will find it equally useful.
Rick Best
Gerard de Valence
November 2001

Design and Construction: Building in Value (Building Value S) 1st Edition.

Book Details:
⏩Edition: 1st Edition
⏩Editors: Rick Best and Gerard de Valence
⏩Puplisher: Routledge
⏩Puplication Date:  June 1, 2007
⏩Language: English
⏩Pages: 529
⏩Size: 10.7 MB
⏩Format: PDF

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