Consumer Electronics Troubleshooting and Repair Handbook by Homer L. Davidson pdf

Consumer Electronics Troubleshooting and Repair Handbook by Homer L. Davidson


Ch. 1. Practical Troubleshooting Techniques
Ch. 2. Play it Safe — pt. 2. Troubleshooting and Repairing Solid State TVs
Ch. 3. Servicing The Low-Voltage Power Supply
Ch. 4. Troubleshooting The Horizontal Sweep Circuits
Ch. 5. High-Voltage Tests
Ch. 6. Repairing The Vertical Circuits
Ch. 7. How To Check IF And Video Circuits
Ch. 8. AGC And Sync Circuit Problems
Ch. 9. Tuner Repairs
Ch. 10. Color Circuit Problems
Ch. 11. Testing The Remote-Control Circuits
Ch. 12. Servicing The Sound Circuits
Ch. 13. Troubleshooting Picture-Tube Problems — pt. 3. Troubleshooting and Repairing Audio and Video Cassette Players
Ch. 14. Basic Cassette Player Tests
Ch. 15. Repairing Tag-Along And Personal Cassette Players
Ch. 16. Troubleshooting Boom-Box Cassette Players
Ch. 17. Troubleshooting Portable AM/FM Cassette/CD Players
Ch. 18. Servicing Microcassette and Professional Recorders
Ch. 19. Troubleshooting Auto Stereo Cassette and CD Players
Ch. 20. Repairing Stereo Cassette Decks
Ch. 21. VCR Repairs You Can Make — pt. 4. Troubleshooting and Repairing Compact Disc Players
Ch. 22. Handling and Care of the Compact Disc
Ch. 23. The Laser Disc Pickup Assembly
Ch. 24. Low-Voltage Power Supplies
Ch. 25. The RF Signal Paths
Ch. 26. The Servo And Motor Circuits
Ch. 27. Digital Audio D/A Circuits
Ch. 28. CD Player Adjustments
Ch. 29. Remote-Control Functions
Ch. 30. Servicing Portable CD And Boom-Box Players
Ch. 31. Repairing the Auto CD Player
Ch. 32. Troubleshooting CD Player Circuits — pt. 5. Troubleshooting and Repairing Camcorders
Ch. 33. Camcorder Cassette Formats
Ch. 34. The Camera Circuits
Ch. 35. Video and System-Control Circuits
Ch. 36. Servo and Motor Circuits
Ch. 37. Camcorder Audio Circuits
Ch. 38. Mechanical Problems and Adjustments
Ch. 39. Electrical Adjustments
Ch. 40. Troubleshooting and Repairing the Camcorder

The purpose of this book is to provide practical service data on consumer audio/video equipment. It can help the beginning college student, intermediate, and experienced electronic technician further their knowledge with practical service applications of test equipment. Examples are taken from many case histories in the electronic field. Different methods of servicing the electronic chassis are given because each year many changes and modifications are included in TVs, audio equipment, cassette and CD players, and camcorders.

The ultimate troubleshooting and repair reference for professional technicians and hobbyists focuses on the most popular consumer electronic devices* All major consumer electronics troubleshooting techniques–for the first time anywhere!

Download Consumer Electronics Troubleshooting and Repair Handbook by Homer L. Davidson in free pdf format.

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