Connecting Arduino to the Web_ Front End Developement Using JavaScript PDF

Introduction to Connecting Arduino to the Web_ Front End Developement Using JavaScript by Indira Knight.

Being able to create physical interfaces for web pages opens up new areas for innovation and creativity. It allows you to think of your project in two different mediums. You can create interactive displays and games, set up IoT components, then collect and process your own data; you can express your ideas in new ways.

An Arduino is a great way to create physical interfaces. It was designed to be an easy-to-use electronics platform that allows you to attach electronic components that can send and receive data. The respected Arduino community can be very helpful and creative if you need assistance.

The electronic components can be inputs or outputs. I have seen Arduinos used to create music, light shows, ovens, robots, art, and so much more. There is such a wide range of components including buttons, motors, potentiometers, sensors, and buzzers that can be attached to an Arduino.

Arduinos can send and receive data from a web server. This means you can control elements on a web page with physical components and use physical components to display information from your web page or online data.

To do this you need an understanding of both electronics and programming. While this book is not an introduction to programming or electronics, it will give you the information you need to get an Arduino to interact with a web server.

You will be using two programming languages: JavaScript for the web programming; and the Arduino programming language, which is a set of C and C++ functions.

This book is a mixture of practical and theoretical. It tells you how and why things work, followed by exercises to build confidence and understanding. It gives you a taste of different programming language techniques, including how to make a web server, data visualization, and 3D animation. It will give you a grounding to understand the concepts involved and a starting point to creating your own projects.

If you are interested in exploring the boundless possibilities of the physical and digital, this book is for you. It will give you an understanding of how IoT and connected devices work and allow you to find new ways to interact with your audience. It covers the electronics and programming you need to get started to build physical interfaces for web pages.

Download Connecting Arduino to the Web_ Front End Development Using JavaScript by Indira Knight in free pdf format.

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