Concrete And Steel Construction Quality Control And Assurance PDF

Concrete and steel construction : quality control and assurance

Preface of Concrete And Steel Construction Quality Control And Assurance PDF

Nowadays there is huge competition among personnel and among companies as well. The main tools to make gains in the race are being aware and clearly understanding the principles of how to achieve high quality with lower costs. The construction industry in general is growing very fast, and due to globalization any company can gain a contract anywhere.

The aim of the book is to present up-to-date, effective quality techniques that can be used in the construction industry. This book provides practical and theoretical information about total quality management and all the quality tools that can be used during a project’s life cycle. This book can be used as a handbook by quality inspectors, junior and senior design engineers, the construction industry, and concrete and steel construction project management.

Concrete And Steel Construction Quality Control And Assurance by El-Reedy & Mohamed Abdallah

Construction quality control is the main way to achieve a competitive edge in the market, so this book is prepared for easy use by civil and structure engineers and any engineer working in project or construction management of concrete and steel projects. This book steers away from complicated statistics terms but a strong theoretical background is helpful for understanding concrete construction quality control criteria.

This book is comprised of eight chapters. The first two chapters provide the total quality management tools that can be applied during construction at any stage of a project—from the client idea to operation and maintenance. The next four chapters cover the principles of quality control for the concrete industry with the practical tests that can be used in fresh and hardened concrete including advanced concrete technology such as self-compacting concrete and high-strength concrete. Chapter 7 focuses on quality control for steel structures by focusing on welding terminology and procedures, and Chapter 8 presents the nondestructive tests for a steel structure and the proper way to achieve the best quality.

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