Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete VI by Roberto T. Leon; Tiziano Perea; Gian Andrea Rassati; and Jorg Lange pdf download

Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete VI Edited by Roberto T. Leon; Tiziano Perea; Gian Andrea Rassati; and Jorg Lange.

Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete VI

The book in PDF Format with title Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete VI Edited by Roberto T. Leon; Tiziano Perea; Gian Andrea Rassati; and Jorg Lange is available to download for free and Download Link is at the end of the article

These proceedings summarize the state-of-the-art in composite construction worldwide, as presented at the an international conference on Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete held at the Devil’s Thumb Ranch in Tabernash, Colorado (USA) in July 2008. This is the sixth in a series of conferences on this topic organized by the United Engineering Foundation (and now Engineering Conferences International) aimed at assessing and synthesizing the most recent advances in research and practice in the area of composite steel-concrete construction. This conference was preceded by those held in Henniker, New Hampshire, USA (1987), Potosi, Missouri, USA (1992), Irsee, Germany (1996), Banff, Canada (2000), and Kruger National Park, South Africa (2008). 

The papers contained in this volume cover a wide variety of topics, including composite bridges, composite slabs, shear connectors, composite columns, innovative composite structural systems, fire and seismic resistance of composite structural systems and practical applications. Seventy-six participants from seventeen countries participated in four days of presentations, panel and informal discussions dealing with all aspects of composite construction. The conference was organized and chaired by Dr. Roberto Leon, Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S.A. and Dr. Jörg Lange, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany, with the assistance of Dr. Gian Andrea Rassati (University of Cincinnati), Dr. Jerome Hajjar (Northeastern University), and Dr. W. Samuel Easterling (Virginia Tech). The conference was generously supported by the AISC and NUCOR Corporation. 

The papers in the proceedings were peer reviewed as per the guidelines used for the Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE and are eligible for all ASCE awards and are open for discussion in the Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE. The review process was administered by the proceeding editors, who would like to thank all the reviewers for their prompt and useful responses. The publication of the proceedings was supported by the Technical Activities Division of the Structural Engineering Institute, ASCE. 

The editors will like to thank the staff of Engineering Conferences International, and particularly Ms. Antoinette L. Chartier, for all their help in organizing and coordinating the conference. The financial support of the American Institute of Steel Construction and the Vulcraft Division of NUCOR Corporation is also gratefully acknowledged. This conference would not have been possible without that funding. 

Finally, the senior editor will like to thank Mr. Tiziano Perea for all his work in preparing the final draft of the proceedings. Without his contributions these proceedings would not have been possible.
Roberto T. Leon, Tiziano Perea, Jörg Lange, and Gian Andrea Rassati
Prediction of Shear Resistance of Headed Studs in Troughs of Profiled Sheeting

Lifetime Oriented Design Concepts of Steel-Concrete Composite Structures Subjected to Fatigue Loading

Headed Studs Close to the Concrete Surface-Fatigue Behaviour and Application

Fatigue Behavior of Shear Connectors in High Performance Concrete

Cyclic Performances of Shear Connectors

New Steel-Concrete Shear Connection for Composite Bridges

Continuous Shear Connectors in Bridge Construction

Effects of Group Arrangement on the Ultimate Strength of Stud Shear Connection

Slab Systems 
Innovative Shear Connectors for a New Prestressed Composite Slab System for Buildings with Multiple HVACR Installations

Composite Slab with Integrated Installation Floor Using Cellular Beams

Steel Fibre Reinforced Continuous Composite Slabs

Elemental Bending Test and Modeling of Shear Bond in Composite Slabs

Composite Beams 
Ductility of Composite Beams with Trapezoidal Composite Slabs

Effect of Strain Profiles on the Behavior of Shear Connectors for Composite Steel-Concrete Beams

Design Model for Continuous Composite Beams with Web Openings

Efficient Design for the Calculation of the Deflection and the Shear Force Capacity of Slim-Floor Girder

The Multi-Storey Car Park for the “Neue Landesmesse” in Stuttgart over Highway A8, Germany

Design and Testing of Two Composite Underspanned Beams

Composite Columns 
Flexural Behaviour of Concrete-Filled Thin-Walled Steel Tubes with Longitudinal Reinforcement

Behavior of Composite CFT Beam-Columns Based on Nonlinear Fiber Element Analysis

Structural Design of Concrete Filled Steel Elliptical Hollow Sections

Seismic Performance of Composite EWECS Columns in New Hybrid Structural System

Design of Composite Columns-Steel, Concrete, or Composite Approach?

Strength of Concrete Filled Steel Tubes under High-Strain Rate Loading

Strength of Concrete Filled Historic Cast-Iron Columns

Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Columns-Tests Compared with Eurocode 4

Design of Composite Columns Made of Concrete Filled Tubes with Inner Massive Core Profiles and High Strength Materials

Design of Anchor Plates Based on the Component Method

An Economical and Efficient Foundation Connection for Concrete Filled Steel Tube Piers and Columns

Using Steel Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composite (SFRCC) in Shallow Embedded Column Base

Composite Buildings in Germany

Composite Bridges in Germany Designed According to Eurocode 4-2

Where Structural Steel and Concrete Meet

Harmonization of Design Rules in Europe

Review and Comparison of Encased Composite Steel-Concrete Column Detailing Requirements

Composite Joints in Robust Building Frames

Behavior of Columns in Composite CES Structural System

Cyclic Tests on RC-Steel Shear Plate Composite Wall System Applicable in Beam Spans with Large Openings

Performance Evaluation of Innovative Hybrid Coupled Core Wall Systems

Seismic-Induced Fire Analysis of Steel-Concrete Composite Beam-to-Column Joints: Bolted Solutions

Seismic-Induced Fire Analysis of Steel-Concrete Composite Beam-to-Column Joints: Welded Solutions

Seismic Behavior of Connections to Gangue-Filled CFT Columns with Ring Stiffeners

Strengthening of Composite Beam-to-Column Joints: Static and Seismic Behavior

Numerical Modelling of Composite Beam-to-Beam Joints-Innovative Solutions

Numerical Modeling of Composite Castellated Beams

A Class of Finite Elements for Nonlinear Analysis of Composite Beams

Numerical Calculation of the Deflections of Composite Girders

A Mixed-Finite Element Approach for Performance-Based Design of Rectangular Concrete-Filled Steel Tube (RCFT) Frames

Macro-Elements for Composite Beam-Column Connections

Generic Finite Element Model for Mechanically Consistent Scaling of Composite Beam-Column Joint with Welded Connection

Geometric Non-Linear Modelling of Partial Interaction in Composite T-Beams in Fire

Where Steel and Concrete Meet in the Heat

Predicting the Standard Fire Behavior of Composite Steel Beams

New Results of Material Analysis Regarding the Bauschinger-Effect on the Deflection of Composite Beams

Evaluation of Adhesive Bonding between Steel and Concrete

Ultimate Flexural Strength of Hybrid Composite Girders Using High-Performance Steel of HSB600 at Sagging Bending

Modern Composite Structures Made of High Performance Materials

Steel-FRP Composite Structural Systems

Towards a Better Understanding of Behaviour of Bridges with Integral Abutments

Developing Composite Action in Existing Non-Composite Steel Girder Bridges

Experimental Investigations of the Shear Connection Behaviour in Joints of Composite Bridges

Inelastic Strength Behavior of Horizontally Curved Composite I-Girder Bridge Structural Systems: Fixed-End Bridge FEA Study

Efficient Erection Method of Cantilever Bridge Deck Using Ribbed Steel Form Bolted to Girder
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Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete VI Edited by Roberto T. Leon; Tiziano Perea; Gian Andrea Rassati; and Jorg Lange pdf.
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⏩Editors: Roberto T. Leon; Tiziano Perea; Gian Andrea Rassati; and Jorg Lange
⏩© 2011 American Society of Civil Engineers
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