Combined-cycle gas & steam turbine power plants 2nd edition by Rolf Kehlhofer pdf download

Combined-cycle gas and steam turbine power plants 2nd edition by Rolf Kehlhofer. 
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Thermodynamic Principles of The Combined-Cycle Plant.
Chapter 3: System Layouts
Chapter 4: Combined-Cycle Plants for Cogeneration 
Chapter 5: Components
Chapter 6: Control and Automation 
Chapter 7: Operating and Part-Load Behavior
Chapter 8: Comparison of The Combined-Cycle Plant With Other Thermal Power stations
Chapter 9: Environmental Considerations
Chapter 10: Developmental Trends
Chapter 11: Some Typical Combined-Cycle 
Chapter 12″ Conclusion
Combined-cycle gas & steam turbine power plants 2nd edition by Rolf Kehlhofer
Book Description:
this book is the leading reference on technical and economic factors of combined-cycle applications now leading the trend toward merchant plants and the peaking power needed in newly deregulated markets around the world.
 second edition:  Included tips on system layout, details on controls and automation, and operating instructions. Loaded with case studies, reference tables, and more than 150 figures
The author provides real-world examples to apply to one`s own applications. The contents include: Introduction; The electricity market; Thermodynamic principles of combined-cycle plants; Combined-cycle concepts; Applications of combined-cycle; Components; Control and automation; Operating and part load behavior; Environmental considerations; Developmental trends; Typical combined-cycle plants already built; Conclusion; Appendices; Conversions; Calculation of the operating performance of combined-cycle installations; Definitions of terms and symbols; Bibliography; and Index.
introduction from the book: The literature has often suggested combining two or more thermal cycles within a single power plant. In all cases, the intention was to increase efficiency over that of single cycles. Thermal processes can be combined in this way whether they operate with the same or with differing working media. However, a combination of cycles with different working media is more interesting because their advantages can complement one another.
Normally the cycles can be classed as a ‘topping” and a “bottoming” cycle. The first cycle, to which most of the heat is supplied, is called the “topping cycle.” The waste heat it produces is then utilized in a second process which operates at a lower temperature level and is therefore referred to as a “bottoming cycle.”
Careful selection of the working media makes it possible to create an overall process that makes optimum thermodynamic use of the heat in the upper range of temperatures and returns waste heat to the environment at as low a temperature level as possible. Normally the ”topping” and “bottoming” cycles are coupled in a heat exchanger.
Up to the present time, only one combined cycle has found wide acceptance: the combination gas turbine/steam turbine power plant. So far, plants of this type have burned generally WS fossil fuels (principally liquid fuels or gases.) 
Combined – Cycle Gas & Steam Turbine Power Plants Subsequent Edition “2nd Edition” by Rolf Bachmann “Author”, Henrik Nielsen “Author”, Judy Warner “Author”, Rolf Kehlhofer “Editor”.
Book Details:
⏩Edition: 2nd edition
Authors: Rolf Bachmann, Henrik Nielsen
Editor: Rolf Kehlhofer
Publisher: Pennwell Corp; Subsequent edition (August 1, 1999)
Puplication Date: August 1, 1999
Language: English
Pages: 198
Size: 65.3
Format: PDF
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