Circuits For Electronic Instrumentation PDF Book

Circuits For Electronic Instrumentation PDF Book

Preface of Circuits For Electronic Instrumentation by Thomas Henry O’Dell

This book has been written for people who like to build electronic circuits and then experiment and make measurements on them. Such an experimental approach to understanding electronics does not mean that the work need be restricted to well-known or simple circuits. Some very recent circuit ideas are put forward as experimental exercises here, and the book should prove interesting both to students and to people, of all ages, who are already working in industry and research, and who would like to have experience of some recent developments in the field of electronic instrumentation. In writing the book I have been greatly helped by conversation and correspondence with many people. In particular, Dr Asad Abidi, now at UCLA, Dr David Haigh, at UCL, London, and Dr Bhikhu Unvala, at ICSTM, London. Dr Unvala has also been most helpful in providing some of the experimental facilities. Finally, sincere thanks to Mr Ali Mehmed, whose careful reading of the typescript resulted in a number of changes for the better, along with many corrections. T. H. O’Dell

Each chapter in this book takes up a particular type of circuit, and then leads the reader to gain an understanding of how these circuits work by proposing experimental circuits for the reader to build and measure. Examples discussed include step recovery circuits of the digitizing oscilloscope, sampling gate and fast comparator circuits, probe and input circuits, wide-band amplifier and waveform-generating circuits, and switched capacitor, phase locked loop, and low noise circuits.

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