Circuit Simulation and Analysis Paperback by Saeid Moslehpour free pdf download

Circuit Simulation and Analysis Paperback by Saeid Moslehpour.

Circuit Simulation and Analysis Paperback by Saeid Moslehpour. 

The first two editions of this book were published in 1988 and 1990 by my colleague, mentor and friend, Professor Walter Banzhaf, WBlANE, and it was admired by many in the electrical engineering field. I had this idea of upgrading the book back in 2008, and after five years all those efforts paid off. What you have here is almost a new book.

PSp ice was initially developed by MicroSim and was used in electronic design automation. The company was bought by OrCAD, which was subsequently purchased by Cadence Design Systems. PSpice was the first version of UC Berkeley SPICE available on a PC, having been released in January 1984 to run on the original IBM Pc. It remains one of the best known and most widely used packages on the market today.

I am using Cadence Design Systems version 16.5 for all simulations in this book. Although there are many modules within this software package, I am emphasizing use of the tools available in DrCAD Capture and PSpice (or in the full package from Cadence Design systems, Allegro Design Entry Capture and Allegro AMS Simulator) . More information on this software is found in Chapter 1.

I express deep appreciation to Walter Banzhaf who created 1st and 2nd editions, and my handling editor Edith Lennon, N2ZRW. I also thank the talented audio engineer Brandon LaChance, my former student and great engineer, who helped with many of the simulations and without whom this book couldn’t have been published. A special word of thanks to my wife, Parisa, and my mother Giti, and my father, Amir.

Circuit Simulation and Analysis is an introduction to designing and testing simple circuits using PSpice software. It discusses the tools you’ll need to create simple circuits and understand their behavior, prior to building them in the real world. Students, professionals and hobbyists with a background in basic electronics will find PSpice to be an essential component in evaluating circuit performance. To get the most from this book, readers are expected to obtain a version of this software and follow along with the examples.

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