Chemistry for Engineers PDF download

Chemistry for Engineers PDF download

Preface of Chemistry for Engineers by Dr. Rashmi Acharya and Dr. Mira Das book

There is chemistry in each piece of finely engineered product that we use at home and in industry. The undergraduate students of engineering in all branches need to negotiate their understanding of the working of scientific principles at work. Here comes the theory and application of chemistry in industries which is crucial for sustainable progress. All emerging branches of engineering are specialized today and accordingly the scope of chemistry is expanding in different directions.

The dramatic changes in engineering and technology are possible because chemistry develops the atomic structure and equilibrium of what is required. The first year students of engineering need to know clearly the fundamental concepts of chemistry and test the efficacy of their applications in engineering and to see how chemistry is an invisible process beneath the visible technology.

This book is also an attempt to straighten out the guises of assumption which engineering students often harbor in their mind, that is, chemistry is an ancillary subject to the syllabi of engineering. In reality it is chemistry which takes the students to the core of engineering and technology. The study of spectroscopy helps to do mapping of surface, multiplex scanning and depth profile of materials. It further helps to create new chemical composites which have varied applications, in a wide range of products from television sets to components in spacecrafts as well. Similarly coordination chemistry helps us to understand the uses in medicines for treatment of cancer, electroplating, photography, etc.

Chemistry for Engineers by Dr. Rashmi Acharya and Dr. Mira Das PDF download

We wish to see the young students pursuing a career in engineering in different technical institutes and universities becoming aware of chemistry as an integral part and a dynamic process of the progress of technology. The study of solid state and its applications have given us ceramic floors to walk on and alloys to build our high-speed engines in bikes and cars. Further, polymer chemistry is product oriented, and of immeasurable importance to industry and economy today.

The plastic cover of our cell phones, the dash board of our cars, the door laminates, the synthetic fibers in the dresses which we wear and even the artificial skin that doctors use for cosmetic surgery and prosthetics, are all possible due to extensive research in polymer chemistry. The course would equip the students with the knowledge skill and make them adaptable to industry in the global context. Each chapter in the book opens the gate to reputed research and development centres around the globe where Nobel laureates, engineers, chemists and metallurgists are working incessantly and diligently to make this world sustainable.

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