Chemical Principles: The Quest for Insight Sixth Edition pdf

Chemical Principles: The Quest for Insight Sixth Edition.

Chemical Principles presents the concepts of chemistry in a logical sequence that enhances student understanding. The atoms-first sequence starts with the behavior of atoms and molecules and builds to more complex properties and interactions.

New in this edition: The introduction to quantum theory and atomic structure has been split into two chapters, the first explaining the origins of quantum theory and the second its application to the electronic structure of atoms. The aim has been to provide a less daunting introduction to these important topics without a reduction in rigor.

With the concept of atoms established, we present a sequence in which we discuss bonds, molecules, and then bulk matter, starting with gases and concluding with solids.

Next, having introduced bulk matter, we turn to its description in terms of thermodynamics. The sequence here is first thermochemistry, then entropy and free energy. Our eyes are on the thermodynamic description of equilibrium, which follows naturally from the discussion of how the Gibbs free energy depends on composition.

Once we know where we are going—toward equilibrium—it is natural to ask how fast we can get there; this is the domain of chemical kinetics and the insight it gives into how reactions occur. Finally, we introduce a selection of topics from inorganic chemistry, nuclear chemistry, and organic chemistry, emphasizing throughout the chemical principles that underlie observable properties.

Covering the Basics The Fundamentals sections, which precede Chapter 1, are identified by blueedged pages. These 13 mini-chapters provide a streamlined overview of the basics of chemistry. They can be used either to provide a useful, succinct review of basic material to which students can refer for extra help as they progress through the course, or as a concise, quick survey of material before starting on the main text. 

Diagnostic Test for the Fundamentals Sections. This test allows instructors to determine what their students understand and where they need additional support. Instructors can then make appropriate assignments from the Fundamentals sections. The test includes 5 to 10 problems for each Fundamentals section. The diagnostic test was created by Cynthia LaBrake at the University of Texas, Austin, and can be found on the textbook’s Web site.

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