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Chemical Kinetics Edited By Vivek Patel.
Dr. Vivek Patel, SKO: 
Chemical kinetics, also known as reaction kinetics, is the study of rates of chemical processes and mechanism of chemical reactions as well, effect of various variables, including from re-arrangement of atoms, formation of intermediates, etc. Students, researchers, research scholars, scientists, chemists and industry fraternity needs to understand chemical kinetics so that industrial reactions can be controlled, and their mechanisms understood. Chemical kinetics also provide an idea to make predictions about important reactions such as those that occur between gases in the atmosphere. It is a huge field that encompasses many aspects of physical chemistry.

The book is designed to help the reader, particularly students,  researchers, research scholars, scientists, chemists and industry fraternity of chemistry and allied fields; understand the mechanics and reactions rates. The selection of topics addressed and the examples, tables and graphs used to illustrate them are governed, to a large extent, by the fact that this book is aimed primarily at chemistry and allied science and engineering technologist.

The objective of this book is to give academia, research scientists, research scholars, science and engineering students and industry professionals an overview of the kinetics quantities such as rates, rate constants, enthalpies, entropies, and volume of activation.

This book also emphasizes how these factors are used in  interpretation of the mechanism of a reaction. This book is based on the series of chapters written by different authors and divided into 15 chapters, each one succinctly dealing with a specific chemical kinetics and reaction mechanisms. The contents are widely encompassing as possible for chemical kinetic research field.

The book critically compares the chemical kinetics and reaction  mechanisms so that the most attractive options for chemistry (physical, organic and inorganic) research can be identified for academia, research scientists, research scholars, science and engineering students and industry professionals. 

Chemical Kinetics Edited By Vivek Patel

Table Of Contents:

Part 1 Introduction to Chemical Kinetics
Chapter 1 Chemical Kinetics, an Historical Introduction
Part 2 Chemical Kinetics and Mechanism 
Chapter 2 On the Interrelations Between Kinetics and  Thermodynamics as the Theories of Trajectories and States 
Chapter 3 Chemical Kinetics and Inverse Modelling Problems 
Chapter 4 Model Reduction Techniques for Chemical Mechanisms 
Chapter 5 Vibrational and Chemical Kinetics in Non-Equilibrium Gas Flows 
Chapter 6 Numerical Analysis of the Effect of Inhomogeneous Pre-Mixture on Pressure Rise Rate in HCCI Engine by Using Multi-Zone Chemical Kinetics 
Chapter 7 Ignition Process in a Non-Homogeneous Mixture 
Part 3 Chemical Kinetics and Phases 
Chapter 8 Chemical Kinetics in Cold Plasmas
Chapter 9 Chemical Kinetics in Air Plasmas at Atmospheric Pressure 
Chapter 10 The Chemical Kinetics of Shape Determination in Plants 
Chapter 11 Plasma-Chemical Kinetics of Film Deposition in Argon-Methane and Argon-Acetylene Mixtures Under Atmospheric Pressure Conditions
Part 4 Recent Developments 
Chapter 12 Recent Developments on the Mechanism and Kinetics of Esterification Reaction Promoted by Various Catalysts
Chapter 13 Progresses in Experimental Study of N2 Plasma Diagnostics by Optical Emission Spectroscopy 
 Chapter 14 Nanoscale Liquid is Second Liquid 
Part 5 Application of Chemical Kinetics 
Chapter 15 Application of Catalysts to Metal Microreactor Systems
Chemical Kinetics Edited By Vivek Patel pdf for free.

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Edited by: Vivek Patel
Puplisher: InTech 
First published: February, 2012

Publishing Process Manager: Daria Nahtigal
Technical Editor: Teodora Smiljanic
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