Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Dynamics by Santosh K. Upadhyay pdf download

Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Dynamics by Santosh K. Upadhyay.
Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Dynamics by Santosh K. Upadhyay

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Preface: Reaction dynamics is the part of chemical kinetics which is concerned with the microscopic-molecular dynamic behavior of reacting systems. Molecular reaction dynamics is coming of age and much more refined state-to-state information is becoming available on the fundamental reactions. The contribution of molecular beam experiments and laser techniques to chemical dynamics has become very useful in the study of isolated molecules and their mutual interactions not only in gas surface systems, but also in solutesolution systems. 
This book presents the important facts and theories relating to the rates with which chemical reactions occur and covers main points in a manner so that the reader achieves a sound understanding of the principles of chemical kinetics. A detailed stereochemical discussion of the reaction steps in each mechanism and their relationship with kinetic observations has been considered. 
I would like to take the opportunity to thank Professor R.C. Srivastava and Professor N. Sathyamurthy with whom I had the privilege of working and who inspired my interest in the subject and contributed in one way or another to help complete this book. I express my heavy debt of gratitude towards Professor M.C. Agrawal who was gracious enough for sparing time out of his busy schedule to go through the manuscript. His valuable comments and suggestions, of course, enhanced the value and importance of this book. I also express my gratitude to my colleagues, friends and research students, especially Dr. Neelu Kambo who took all the pains in helping me in preparing, typing and checking the manuscript. 
Finally, I thank my wife Mrs. Manju Upadhyay, daughter Neha and son Ankur for their continuous inspiration during the preparation of the text.


1. Elementary
2. Temperature Effect on Reaction Rate 
3. Complex Reactions
4. Theories of Reaction Rate 
5. Kinetics of Some Special Reactions 
6. Kinetics of Catalyzed Reactions 
7. Fast Reactions
8. Reactions in Solutions 
9. Reaction Dynamics
Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Dynamics by Santosh K. Upadhyay pdf.
Book Details:
⏩Author: Santosh K. Upadhyay
⏩Publisher: Springer; 2006 edition (2006-12-20) (1656)
⏩Puplication Date: 2006-12-20
⏩Language: English
⏩Pages: 266
⏩Size: 2.86 MB
⏩Format: PDF
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