Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry Workbook Third Edition By Richard Harwood pdf download

Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry Workbook Third Edition By Richard Harwood.

Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry Workbook Third Edition By Richard Harwood

The book in PDF Format with title Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry Workbook Third Edition By Richard Harwood is available to download for free and Download Link is at the end of the article

1 Planet Earth
2 The nature of matter 
3 Elements and compounds
4 Chemical reactions 
5 Acids, bases and salts
6 Quantitative chemistry 
7 How far? How fast? 
8 Patterns and properties of metals 
9 Industrial inorganic chemistry 
10 Organic chemistry 
11 Petrochemicals and polymers 
12 Chemical analysis and investigation

Introduction: This workbook contains exercises designed to help you to develop the skills you need to do well in your IGCSE Chemistry examination The IGCSE examination tests three different Assessment Objectives, which we call skills in this workbook. These are:

Skill A. Knowledge with understanding 
Skill B Handling information and problem solving
Skill C Experimental skills and investigations 

In the examination about 50% of the marks are for Skill A, 30% for Skill Band 20% for Skill Just learning your work and remembering it is therefore, not enough to make sure that you get the best possible grade in the exam. Half of all the marks are for Skills Band C. You need to be able to use what you have learnt and apply it in unfamiliar contexts (Skill B) and to demonstrate experimental and data handling skills (Skill C). There are lots of exam-style questions in your coursebook which, together with the material on the accompanying CD-ROM, are aimed at helping you to develop the examination skills necessary to achieve your potential in the exams. 

Chapter 12 in the coursebook also deals with the experimental skills you will need to apply during your course. This workbook adds detailed exercises to help you further. There are some questions that simply involve remembering things you have been taught (Skill A), but most of the exercises require you to use what you have learned to work out, for example, what a set of data means, or to suggest how an experiment might be improved they are aimed at developing Skills Band C. There are a good many opportunities for you to draw graphs, read scales, interpret data and draw conclusions. These skills are heavily examined in Paper 6 of the CIE syllabus and so need continuous practice to get them right. Self-assessment checklists are provided to enable you to judge your work according to criteria similar to those used by examiners. You can try marking your own work using these. This will help you to remember the important points to think about. Your teacher should also mark the work, and will discuss with you whether your own assessments are right

The workbook follows the same chapter breakdown as the coursebook. It is not intended that you should necessarily do the exercises in the order printed, but that you should do them as needed during your course. There are questions from all sections of the syllabus and one aim has been to give a broad range of examples of how the syllabus material is used in exam questions. The workbook is aimed at helping all students that are taking the Chemistry course. In some exercises you will see this symbol in the margin:

This indicates that the exercise is intended for students who are studying the Supplement content of the syllabus as well as the Core We trust that the range and differing approaches of the exercises will help you develop a good understanding of the course material and the skills to do really well in the exams.

Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry Workbook Third Edition By Richard Harwood pdf.

Book Details:
⏩Edition: 3rd
⏩Author: Richard Harwood
⏩Publisher: Cambridge University Press (February 10, 2011)
⏩Puplication date: February 10, 2011
⏩Language: English
⏩Pages:  97
⏩Size:7.74 MB
⏩Format: pdf

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